∞ Google Books exits App Store; Kobo, WSJ pull web links

Wall Street Journal:

“In a pair of moves that suggest Apple Inc. is enforcing rules for selling content on its devices, Kobo Inc., the Canadian e-book retailer, and The Wall Street Journal said Sunday they will no longer sell content directly to customers through their apps for Apple devices.”

The article also notes that Google Books has been removed from the App Store – whether it’s a temporary change or permanent removal is unclear. A spokeswoman for the Journal quoted in the story said that the paper is concerned that Apple’s subscription rules “would create a poor experience for [the Wall Street Journal’s] readers.” Google wasn’t available for comment.

[Updated headline and article to reflect that Kobo app has not, in fact, been removed.]

  • Anonymous

    ROFL. A poor experience for the WSJ’s bottom line maybe. Thinly veiled spin if ever I saw it. 

  • Player_16

    “Would create a poor experience for readers.” Compared to what?

  • Anonymous

    The headline and article are both incorrect. The Kobo and WSJ apps are both still in the App Store. As the original WSJ article states, Kobo was just updated to remove links to the Kobo store, and it would appear the WSJ app is going to comply with that Apple rule as well, but neither have “exit[ed] the App Store.” Google Books is gone from the App Store, but without hearing from Google or Apple, we don’t know if that’s just temporary while Google removes links to the Google book store.

  • Gustav

    Hopefully, we’ll see Sony adjust their app and resubmit.

  • Anonymous

    The Kindle app has also been updated today to remove the link to the Kindle store.