∞ Rupert Murdoch may be replaced as CEO, Web site hacked


News Corp. executives who watched Murdoch, 80, rehearse for his appearance before Parliament were concerned about how he handled questions, according to three people, who weren’t authorized to speak publicly. Murdoch is scheduled to discuss the company’s role in the phone hacking of murder victims, members of the royal family and others by the News of the World, which was closed last week.

Another one bites the dust.

As if the day wasn’t bad enough for Murdoch, the New York Times has this:

The hacking group Lulz Security claimed responsibility for planting a fake article about the death of Rupert Murdoch, the chairman of the News Corporation, on one of the company’s Web sites Monday.

All traffic was later redirected to the Lulz Twitter page. These guys are good.

  • Gustav

    The Lulz guys are good, that’s for sure. But the vast majority of web sites are run by people who are not that good. The practice as of late has been to pump people through IT colleges with little or no actual education about computing, but rather training on how to set up a web server and a database. Throw in a little web programming (e.g. php) and now you have an IT guy ready to be hired by corporate America. A good security expert will have a background in mathematics, algorithm design, and a fundamental understanding of networking. The Lulz guys have these skills.

    These are the people that corporations should be employing to lead the web site teams in the enterprise space. The IT school grads should be doing the grunt work.