∞ Apple files another ITC complaint against HTC

I take it that Apple is skeptical of the outcome of that ongoing ITC investigation and, therefore, wants a second try with potentially stronger patents. In April, the ITC staff (the Office of Unfair Import Investigations, which participates in most ITC investigations as a third party) expressed its opinion that HTC did not infringe any valid Apple patents within the scope of that investigation. The target date for a final initial determination by the Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) hearing the case is August 5, 2011 (as I already wrote in February). The ALJ could still rule in Apple’s favor: the staff recommendation is, after all, just an opinion. However, a negative ITC staff recommendation does not bode well to say the least. I’m sure Apple will fight hard to make the original complaint succeed but doesn’t want to depend on the outcome of that case.

It’s getting hard to keep up with all of these complaints and lawsuits.

Apple files second ITC complaint against HTC: better luck next time? | Foss Pantents

  • Anonymous

    Patent roulette 

  • Say what you will about patents and these kinds of suits, but it kills me that these guys so blatantly copy Apple and will be deemed non-infringing. But how much did Apple have to pay Creative for that idiotic “view list in small screen” patent of theirs. Wasn’t it $300mil or something? 

  • It’s also starting to become annoying. Not the Loop reporting on it, just all those lawsuits and counter lawsuits.

    I’m totally for making companies pay for using another company’s IP without licence, but it’s starting to get ridiculous.