∞ I use Apple products because they work, it's that simple

I’ve had a lot of people ask me over the years why I use Apple products and if I even have any experience using PCs and devices other than Apple’s.

[ad#Google Adsense 300×250 in story]First, let me say that the reason I use Apple products is very simple — they work. I don’t even know what downtime is anymore. That’s the single most important reason to use any product.

I didn’t start using Macs because we started MacCentral and I felt I should use Macs to be true to the site. In fact, it happened the exact opposite — the Mac came first and then we started the site. That carried on through Macworld and now The Loop.

Before using a Mac, I used PCs, just like many other people that are now Mac users. Like most, I found the experience frustrating and more work than what it was worth to just keep it up and running.

What’s funny is that things haven’t changed that much. I have two PCs (Dell and Gateway) in the house right now. They are probably around three and five years old, respectively. Neither of them work.

I bought the PCs so I could keep up with what was happening in the Windows world, from the operating system to music software and productivity applications.

I would like to say that it was easy to keep up, but it wasn’t. For instance, I would plug in a piece of music hardware into the PC and get errors that I was missing files or drivers couldn’t be found or other crazy messages.

I would unplug it, walk over to the Mac, plug it in and start playing my guitar. After a while, I wondered why I would even bother plugging it into the PC at all. So I didn’t.

Things are much the same with the iPhone and iPad. I get up in the morning and they work. That’s all I want.

I’ve used Sony, Nokia, BlackBerry and countless other models and companies over the years, but there was always something that didn’t work right. When the iPhone came out and I experienced the integration, the operating system and later, the apps, I was sold.

Using Apple products isn’t about loving the company, it’s about choosing the best tools to get the job done for your company. If you put all of the marketing crap aside and choose the best tools for business and pleasure you will come to the same decision I did — welcome to Apple.

  • Matt

    Oh no, we Apple users are just victims of good marketing. 😉

  • Seattleparrot

    I totally agree, except for one thing. I have an iPhone 4. Dropped calls, garbled conversations etc are the norm without me putting additional device on the phone, hold it a different way etc. So why didn’t Apple correct this problem instead of asking their customers to do it? An Apple fan for many many years is unhappy now.

    • Anonymous

      I’ve had it since launch, I’ve had maybe three dropped calls. But I’m not on AT&T… I think the “hold it another way” was actually “we want to blame AT&T, but we can’t”…

    • Anonymous

      you will find that the folks in your situation are a vast minority. Which is fitting with the fact that no tech is ever 100% perfect. Especially when it is paired with required tech that is outside of the hardware makers control. 

      I use Macs etc at home and at work. I used to use PCs in both places. While I will not claim there is zero downtime as Jim implies I will say that it dropped massively. With the PCs it was sometimes every day for at least a few minutes with a few times being the better part of a day. Since we moved to Macs it’s perhaps 3-4 times a month and rarely more than an hour. In fact I would say that we haven’t had an out longer than 30 minutes in about 6 months. The typical down is one of our bigger programs locking up during a render, 10 minutes to reboot and set back up and go ahead. 

    • Anonymous

      I would suggest there is something wrong with your particular phone then, because the early hysteria on this topic, this is not an issue with the iPhone 4 in general.  All phones can be forced to have some form of signal attenuation given a death grip.  However, while testing this on an iPhone 3GS, BlackBerry Bold and iPhone 4 (all on the same carrier), the iPhone 4 actually maintained the best signal.

      • His Shadow

        All my iPhones have worked perfectly on Fido in Edmonton. 3G, 3GS and iPhone 4, with the 4 getting better reception in places the other two considered marginal.

    • There might be something wrong with your particular unit, because I can count the times my iPhome 4 has dropped a call on one hand.

  • Anonymous

    I was also a Blackberry user for many years, provided for free, including data plan, by work. Got so sick of it that i bought my own iPhone 4 and pay for my own data plan. So much better.

    I don’t travel a whole bunch, but of the 4 or 5 cities I’ve visited since getting my iphone I’ve only had problems with dropped calls in one — suburbs of indianapolis. everywhere else I’ve been, including philadelphia had great AT&T coverage and no drop call issues no matter how i hold it. And I use it without a case.

  • Anonymous

    For a year I lived in an AT&T nearly-dead zone. Actually I had lived for two years in an apartment where my iPhone dropped calls often. But then I moved to a different state, and to this area of town even AT&T marked as “medium” strength. It was really only a few blocks long by a couple of blocks wide, and my house was right in the middle of it. I’d drop calls three-six times per conversation. I’d have to warn callers in advance that the call might drop at any moment. I finally couldn’t take it any longer, and downgraded my beloved iPhone to iPod, and switched to Verizon.

    I’ve since moved again, to an area that has a lot more stable AT&T service. Rather than switch to iPhone on Verizon, I went back to AT&T. I’m thrilled to be using my iPhone as a phone again, as my one and only device, but I will forever remain wary of AT&T.

  • JohnO

    Speaking to the already converted, I’d guess, but I, too, have been using Apple products and Windows products for years.  Apple was always by choice.  Windows was always a forced decision by employers.  Thankfully, I’m more and more able to use Apple products for work these days.

    While Windows has come a long way, and while I have no real issues making it work, things are much more likely to “just work” on the Apple side of the world.  

    It can best be summed up by the fact that I will support my relatives with any Mac questions, but I will not support their Windows questions.  Life is too short.


  • Dougkbr

    I own a imac and amacbook about 1 year and iphone4 ~ 6 months.  The imac: bluetooth issues with frequently disconnections. alumminium keyboard – tab, fn, del, caps lock just stop work macbook: dvd rom stuck with 1 midia inside. Even praying he spit out. time capsule: 3 days diggin in the internet to wonder that the antivirus sophos (and others) freeze the imac.

    government software – they even consider to develop a mac-os version

    the nearest app support is about 100 km from where i live.

    iphone is wonderfull.

    what is annoying : mac support was unable even to recognize that the problem with keyboard and bluetooth are recurrents since 2008.

    • Gustav

      With any technology, when you have problems, you have to ask yourself: does everyone have these types of problems? Maybe your bluetooth keyboard was a dud, had bad batteries, or something else. Are their lots of complaints similar to yours? I’m afraid I don’t know what your last sentence means. “recurrents since 2008” What does recurrents mean?

      As was sad, not even Apple is perfect, sometimes there are problems. Deal with them and move on.

  • Ccongrove

    I’m just your average computer user. I don’t know much about how they work. And I don’t care. I just want them to work. When we had PC’s, I hated computers and I used ours as little as possible. Why would I want the hassle? When we got our first iMac I finally fell in love with computers. Apple computers just work and they’re fun to use. We’ve had several Mac’s now and we’re getting ready to buy a new one. I also have an iPod, a Nano, an iPad, and an iPhone. And I’m ready to buy a new iPhone as soon as they are announced. I’m a happy user and customer…because they just work.

  • I remember a review of a Blackberry on MacCentral Jim did years ago before the iPhone was released. I actually bought a Blackberry because of that very positive review he wrote. 

    So those who think Jim has always had it in for RIM, let me refer you to his reviews of Blackberry before the iPhone was released.

    Sometimes you just don’t know how good or bad something is until you have something better or worse come out which puts it in perspective.

    I actually liked my Blackberry for some things, but as a browser of the web, it sucked little baby bird eggs. It was so bad that I rarely used it except when I was out on a job and had to quickly find the location of the place I was headed. I never used it to browse the web casually. It was just too painful. Email and texting were okay, but I never understood why people raved about Blackberry’s prowess for messaging. But I never used one on a corporate network. I’m sure that would have given me a better impression.

  • Rahoulb

    My test is simple. How many times do you swear at it?

    Android and Windows – about once an hour. Ubuntu Linux – about once a day. Mac, iPhone and (surprisingly) Windows Phone 7 – about once a month, if that.

  • At last, someone said something about the Mac that I’ve been thinking for years,

    Thank you, Jim.

    It just works.

    And because it does, I can concentrate on WHAT I AM DOING WITH THE COMPUTER/iPAD.

    I don’t have to constantly futz with it to keep it going.

    • Anonymous

      Exactly. People get so hung up on features and specs when it’s really all about getting your shit done. As long as it works smoothly and is pleasant to use all of the time, that’s all that really matters. Why would you actually want to maintain and administer your device over features you may rarely use in comparison to the basic ones you use most?

  • Crisrod63

    Been using Macs for years. Since 1988 to be exact. I have had issues with them, particularly with System 9.5.2. Back then we needed to reboot our Macs constantly with applications freezing, constant lockups and innumerable crashes. The thing is that Windows NT was so much more solid back then and it hurt to admit it. Sure the Mac was easer to use by a long shot, but NT was simply much more stable. Now things changed when Apple released OSX. It tilted the playing field dramatically on Apple’s favor. Now we see what OSX is really capable of, and Windows, simply never got much better than NT.

  • Natasha Musa

    I agree! I’ve been pretty much exposed to pc’s for work but have recently been exposed to the entry level MacBook air. Recently I decided to get myself the iPad 2 and am completely amazed with the apps available that I can use for work and play. I also played around with the blackberry playbook before this and it’s not as friendly to use. Yup, they work and they got me hooked!

  • I would totally agree. I mean really, I got frustrated over things that happening in Windows (actually PCs) and moved on to Mac. First I thought “Wow this is… so EXPANSIVE!” and then now I think “oh well, better than changing computer per month.”

    Like really, for PCs, to keep up to date is so frustrating. If your components in PC, like CPU, motherboard stuffs, are old, or actually too new, – I am being sincere right now- this thing will just blow up giving me numerous error codes. For Mac, if it works, then it works. If it doesn’t, well then it just doesn’t. There is no such thing as middle field. -And most likely, if it doesn’t work on mac, so it is on Windows-

    Most of PC users just don’t get a glimpse  when I say “it works.” And when I say “it just works,” they would start looking up Apple’s formal marketing quotes. Sorry, but truth is, it just does.

  • I switched to a Mac three years ago after being a Windows user for many years, I can honestly say when I go back and use Windows machines (often to help other people with issues) I feel frustrated. I find myself often say, “You know if you had a Mac, this probably wouldn’t have happened”. 

    After switching to a Mac, using Windows often frustrates me and I think that is to Apple’s credit that they make products that just gets out of your way and let you do the things you want to do. 

  • Anonymous

    Yes, Apple products work. There has never been a Windows that works.

    • Anonymous

      Windows 7 works very well … Apple products are great, ipad/ipod/ iphone. Osx lion is really neat .. Ive gotten some chances to play around, really cool features.

  • BC

    .And the reason WHY Apple ‘just works’ ?That’s easyThey hang out at the Right Place.

  • Rain Skipper

    I run a group at work with 150 PCs and about 15 Macs.  At home, we use 5 Macs (wife’s choice) and 2 PCs.  Over the years, I have had to integrate BBs, Android, iPhones, iPads, etc.  It’s true that there have been versions of Windows that were more dfficult to support.  But XP was no problem.  Win 7 has been a delight.  Plugging in external hardware is consistently easier on a PC than on a Mac.

    While Nokia and Android are a bit painful, BBs have never, ever been difficult to use or integrate as part of our operations.  I cannot imagine how a writer that so rarely writes anything negative about Apple can say with a straight face that Apple products just work and claim no bias. Sorry, but that’s just the fact.

  • Anonymous

    I use my Macmini because I have already given Microsoft heaps of my time and money, so I’m not giving them anymore (except through the thousands of patents they own). It maybe more expensive upfront but cheaper in the end. Getting off the Microsoft bandwagon will cost you less in money and time.

  • Bevnews

    I have never been an Apple fan, but my daughter loves them. So she.set out to convince me by buying me an iPod. Guess what — it doesn’t work. ITunes constantly says it needs to be reset. Even after the thing is reset, it immediately says (again) it needs to be reset.

    Maybe your Macs work, but if a stupid little iPod won’t work, why should it trust any other product. I think APple is a clever marketing operation that over promises and underdelivers.

  • Laura

    I own an Apple iPad and I love it! Except one thing…after 90 days, and you find yourself needing help from the Apple Techs, you’ll ONLY get it IF YOU PAY MORE MONEY!! Yeah, Apple rapes their customers!! 79.99 for 2 years or 29.99 per call of Apple advice and help. I think THAT is awful of the company. Their products are already enough money and then this? If I buy a television from Sony and two years later need help, they help without trying to charge me more money. How ridiculous!! Needless to say, I’m turned off by Apple and am now in the market for a different device, one that doesn’t charge for future advice…maybe Android, who knows?

    • Rodf

      That $79.99 was the best money I paid for help! I would never purchase a device from Apple without AppCare! You get the best advice, the best service and the best results. I recently had to fix a bug in my Lion OS, the Tech Advisor was really patient and helpful. He helped me to analyze my problem and then gave me detailed instructions to finish the solution on my own… Within a short time after the call everything was working perfectly… Best BUCKs I’ve spent on any warrantee. When I had a PC, MicroSoft wanted $49.95 for every fix, because you had to buy a software program to fix the MicroSoft insufficiencies! That is rape! What I have discovered is that your iMac/iPod/iPad/iPhone have the tools already installed to reset and refine your device! BTW, you have a year to pay for the AppCare product..    

  • I’ve been using Mac’s since the 1st iMac was released in 1998, and haven’t looked back. The problem I see with windows is that every pc manufacturer has to add their own bling to what could possibly be a fare OS. If pc manufacturers came out with their own OS, windows would die, which could be a good thing perhaps!!

  • Been using Mac’s since the 2nd Mac made, the 512K, back around 1984-1985…have finally converted about 1/3rd of my friends…