∞ Enough with the *gates already

Big or little, significant or silly, real or faux – doesn’t matter. It gets gated.This has been an annoying practice for years. It’s knee-jerk. It’s easy. It’s boring.Worst of all, it suggests a false equivalency.Watergate was serious business. It involved a pernicious and far-reaching abuse of power by the president of the United States and his minions.

Witness recent Apple-related issues, like “antennagate” or “glassgate” to see just how far this has gotten out of hand. Rem Reider is absolutely right. It should stop. But it won’t. Because many journalists are lazy, many of their readers are lazy and now we’re all conditioned to expect “gate” to be attached to every little trivial pissant thing that happens. This has been happening for a long time.

  • Vamsmack

    Argh! It’s Gategate! A scandal about the use  of the word gate!

  • The -gate stuff always bugged the hell out of me. It doesn’t even make sense half the time. The Watergate is the name of the hotel where the original incident took place. It wasn’t a scandal about water. So adding -gate to the object of a scandal or whatever just doesn’t even work.

    • Gustav

      Add “aholic” to that list. An alcoholic is addicted to alcohol. So is a “shopaholic” addicted to shopahol?

  • Anonymous

    Making a mountain range of a speck of dust is how many blogs get hits to make money. Look at the whole Final Cut thing. Yeah a few folks are pissed that it isn’t exactly like FCS but in 64 bit. Yeah a few are pissed enough to contact Apple, threaten lawsuits etc to get their money back. But the blogs are talking like every one hates it, everyone is getting their money back etc. When they have no numbers about sales, refunds etc. Like everything else this could be another 1% game. 

    • Peter Cohen

      “The Internet echo chamber.”

  • twins-then!

    there are many gateoholics it seems.

    • Gustav

      They’re addicted to gatahol?

  • The moment I read “something-gate” in a post that is not critically commenting on the situation and the use of this word, I close the window and chastise myself for giving the site a hit.

    Yet it’s painful every time, seeing another blog go to the shitter. Lately I unsubscribed from macnotes.de, a blog that was once one of the best German Apple blogs out there.

  • How come we didn’t have Iraq-gate when the government lied about WMDs to invade Iraq?