∞ RIM's mismanagement fallout begins as layoff notices go out

Not even a week after RIM reported disappointing financial results, the company started handing out layoff notices to some workers.

[ad#Google Adsense 300×250 in story]First reported in the Waterloo Region Record, the layoffs are part of a “headcount reduction” that RIM co-CEOs announced last week. The layoffs are RIM’s way of keeping costs in line for the upcoming fiscal quarter.

To say RIM has had trouble lately would be a huge understatement. From a disastrous PlayBook launch, to accusations that the company is forcing carriers to approve bug-ridden BlackBerry devices, RIM has not handled the pressure from Apple and Google well at all.

Once a powerhouse in the smartphone business, RIM’s stock has fallen from almost $50 in June 2010 to about $27 today.

  • Vamsmack

    You know what’s shitty about that. I’ll bet none of the people being laid off are the 2 CEO’s or the 3 COO’s or any of the other duplicated roles at the ELT level they’ll be the poor bastards in the middle and bottom of the totem pole which will be shafted by this.

    • Agreed. If there is anyone who led RIM to this state, it’s the upper-level management. Those are the ones who should be taking the hit.

    • Nope  in fact, the first to go were the minimum wage temps on the assembly line. Fact.

  • Looking at it from a different direction, RIM management is doing a good thing by letting those folks go. It’s their version of “I’m not going to make it. Go on without me.”

  • Noseotter

    Amateur hour will soon be over.