∞ Apple patent could prevent you from filming in some venues

I use my iPhone camera and video camera quite a bit, but if a newly discovered Apple patent is any indication, you may not be doing it at some venues for long.

The software on the iPhone would apparently work with sensors installed at the venue. The sensors would theoretically be turned on when a show or sporting event starts, which would activate the software. Everything on the iPhone would work normally, except the camera.

Mashable brings up an interesting point — could the venue or Apple charge consumers a fee to unlock the camera at an event? Seems like a way for someone to make money.

  • That’s disturbing.

  • Mharvey

    At this point, I’ll trash my iphone, thats just stupid…. It’s just the apple control freak again, if someone wants to record something bad enough, they will just use another device. Why should apple take on that responsibilty and force it on it customers

    • His Shadow

      Don’t be such a drama queen.

  • Anonymous

    That’s actually neat. Some businesses, government agencies, doctors offices, and Apple campus’ could really benefit from this.

    Oh ya, also movie theatres.

  • Anonymous

    I hope that doesn’t happen, because it’s way too 1984 for my tastes, and yes- I’d find another way. Piss us all off, and we won’t want to pay for anything anymore- music, films, etc. YouTube will go down the Tubes, pun intended, and everything will cost more and more till most of what we’re paying for will be ads.

  • Anonymous

    Apple has long gone past the point of being a friendly computer company. They have become the Micro$oft of today, with an insatiable appetite for data control. It is sad to see this development …. says one who had a mac even before system 5 hit the market.

    • Anonymous

      ease up there hoss. Just cause there’s a patent doesn’t mean Apple will do it. They have a lot of patents they never did themselves. They end up making all their money off licensing. 

      Also, this tech requires the venue to use it. So who cares if the iphone can be blocked if no one bothers to flip the switch. 

      That said, I love the idea of not having some douche trying to record a concert and blocking my view the whole time. Or the guy trying to cam a movie with his iphone etc. I would love it even more if the system forced the screen off and put the phone into mute so they would get a little jiggle if a call or text comes in but they have to go outside to find out what’s up. Leaving me and the rest of the audience to not have to listen to their “hey baby” convo or be blinded by the lit up screen while they are sexting

  • Pgetz9

    Sounds like a great jailbreak opportunity to me.

  • Anonymous

    Sounds like Apple are grabbing the keys to this technology before someone else does, perhaps even to prevent it getting off the ground.

    A competitor or venue having the ability to ‘jam’ the iPhone’s camera would present a threat to Apple’s business.

    • obiwandreas

      In order for a competitor to jam the iPhone’s camera, the hook would have had to be added to the software.  If Apple never intended to use this, there would be no hook and therefore no issue.

      The biggest issue from Apple’s standpoint of implementing this is that it’s only effective if it’s built into everyone’s device.  It would require every smartphone manufacturer to have this hook installed in their device, otherwise Apple would be at a competitive disadvantage.  Even then, those with little flip phones (although generally with lousy cameras) would not be affected.

      As a technology, it’s an interesting idea of how to get around people being jerks and recording where they are asked not to.  It would also, however, prevent recording of incidents when things go wrong, which can be instrumental in helping authorities to catch criminals.

      All in all, though, I think the genie is just too far out of the bottle for any implementation to really work.

      • Anonymous

        That’s a fair point, I hadn’t considered that.

  • I worry about the capability of, say, a local police force having the capability to keep citizens from recording video during an arrest or confrontation of any kind.

  • Relax. Patents don’t equal products. This “technology” is easily circumvented by your average point and shoot camera. Non-issue. Non-story.

  • Wierdninja

    I think the days of Apple being a customer friendly company are now over. The walled garden is no longer a garden. I am an Apple fan, but, that may change. This latest thing is beyond ridiculous, but, it does show their thinking.

    • kibbles

      no, it doesnt. i shows a patent. just like all the other crazy patents they & every IT company dream up.