∞ iPad 3 rumors in 2011 persist

Rumors of an iPad 3 release started early in 2011, even before the iPad 2 was released. Taiwan’s Economic Daily continued the speculation on Tuesday.

[ad#Google Adsense 300×250 in story]According to the report, the iPad 3 is scheduled to be launched in the fourth quarter of 2011. One interesting note is that the image resolution is reportedly 5-6 times higher than the iPad 2.

I have no specific knowledge of an iPad 3 release this year, but I did write about it in February and why it may make sense for Apple. Here are a few excerpts from that story that I think are still relevant.

The annual iPod event takes place in September, but the iPods aren’t selling like they used to. They are still a huge money-maker for the company, but when you’re looking at the holiday shopping season, having something like a new iPad would boost sales by an incredible amount.There’s another reason that Apple could release an iPad in the September timeframe that I feel has been overlooked. The iPad’s competition.Currently the iPad has no competition, but by this summer, there will be a lot of tablets on the market. RIM’s PlayBook, HP’s tablet and many others.Instead of competing with over 100 previously announced tablets, I believe Apple will want to change the game. And they’ve done it before.Remember the iPod mini? It was Apple’s most successful iPod outselling all other models of its time. And Apple discontinued it. Just as the competition could say, “we have a music player just like the iPod mini,” Apple canceled it and started over, releasing the iPod nano.This threw the competition into a tailspin. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Apple do it again, this time with the iPad.

  • Anonymous

    apple didnt discontinue the iPod mini it just became the nano

    I mean, by your logic apple “discontinued” the CRT iMac when the lamp iMac came out

    • Gjgustav

      No, the iPod mini was a different beast. The iPod mini was a disk based iPod, whereas the the nano was flash based. It may seem insignificant to you, but remember as everyone else were buying up tiny hard disks to put in their mini-music players, Apple could all of a sudden proclaim “look everyone – here is the only music player suitable for jogging, working out, etc.”

      • Anonymous

        to the end user, the switch from CRT to LCD for the iMac was just as big of a deal

        • Completely different. Even Apple made a big deal out of canning the iPod mini at the height of its popularity. I remember, I was at the keynote.

          • Anonymous

            the nano came out 7 months after the 2nd gen iPod mini

            it’s the same product line

          • Anonymous

            I remember that keynote. For me, the most significant part was Apple’s transisition to ‘thinness’.

            They made a big deal about how small and thin the nano was, and it set off a trend in Apple’s products that continues to this day.

            I think that’s why the nano got so much air time. That they killed their cash cow in the process is typical Apple.

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        Keep up the good work.

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  • Bill

    The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is a real competitor for the iPad 2. The single most important feature is the screen, which has a slightly higher resolution. I’ve been using the Google IO special edition for about a month now, and I can tell you that it makes a huge difference in usability. If Apple does introduce a higher res screen, that would be the most significant change they could make.

  • Anonymous

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  • fjpoblam

    As pointed out by a commenter in More Evidence for 2048×1536 iPad Retina Display – Mac Rumors – http://is.gd/WQhf85 – when the iPad2 was launched, Steve Jobs stood next to a big banner claiming 2011 as the year of iPad2.

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    I don’t buy the argument that the nano was a response to competitors. Apple constantly cannibalises or displaces it’s own products in the name of progress, whereas their competitors hang on to cash cows for as long as possible and supress progress (RIM and Microsoft for example)

  • Anonymous

    “that the image resolution is reportedly 5-6 times higher than the iPad 2.” Nobody thinks here? 

  • Anonymous

    Even if iPad 3 production can be ready in time for a September launch, introducing it so soon creates a challenge to the credibility of Apple marketing speak going forward.

    “2011 is the year of iPad 2” was the company’s line when the second-gen devices came out. If iPad 3 goes on sale earlier than well into the Christmas shopping season, the integrity of future statements from Apple concerning product longevity will be diminished.

    • Erikvdo

      Apple has done the same kind of things, more than once, in the past. I believe that less than a year before the introduction of the iPad, they were saying that they didn’t see the point of making a tablet device.

  • Anonymous

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  • Dot

    Since Apple sells multiple versions in each of its lines, I can see them adding another iPad while they continue to sell the iPad 2.

    • Erikvdo

      That’s possible, but I don’t think that it’s likely. Apple does continue to sell the iPhone 3Gs, alongside the iPhone 4, but I think that’s because the wireless telcos really want to keep an inexpensive version of the iPhone with which to fish hook more customers. When Apple released the iPad 2, they officially discontinued the original iPad, and my bet would be that they will do the same when the iPad 3 is released. Then again, with the way demand keeps outstripping supply, if they are able to produce more iPads with two models on separate production lines, then maybe they will keep both.

  • Canucker

    Apple moved the iPhone4S/5 release to September in part to jazz up their usual product launches for the holiday season.  iPod updates no longer cut it (in attracting attention) and combining with an iPad launch makes no sense as Apple needs to stimulate demand at multiple times during the year (not always fixed). Moreover, there will be the release of iOS5 for the iPad1 and 2 and this is bound to contain a few surprises not unveiled at WWDC.  So Apple will have a kind of refresh of the iPad in September – just software based.  The lead iPad has isn’t hardware.  It’s software and apps (and profit margins). The iPad3 will be “retina” screened and will use an even more powerful cpu and gpu (although the current iPad2 gpu could readily handle 4X more pixels) but won’t be out till 2012. 

    • Anonymous

      +10.  Exactly right. 1) Apple still can’t even keep up with iPad 2 demand. 2) There is no way in hell they would attempt to release new iPhones, iPad AND iPods all at the same September event.  They couldn’t make enough to keep up with demand, it would bring Apple retail to its knees and prevent the sale of products they do have in stock like Macs — etc. etc.

  • resolution 5-6x higher would require MUCH more device memory & speed!!!  Don’t see that hapening (an is why I was pretty sure the iPad2 wouldn’t go retina.) (although, i love the idea!)

  • Any new updates on the iPad 3 release? I see supplier prices going down! I don’t know if it’s because there’s a lot of supply of iPad 2, or the suppliers are trying to unload iPad 2s to make way for the iPad 3.

    Any idea?