∞ iCloud will have a Web-based interface

When Apple introduced iCloud at last week’s Worldwide Developer Conference, there were no discussions about a Web-based interface for the service, which lead some to believe that there wouldn’t be one. I don’t believe this is the case.

[ad#Google Adsense 300×250 in story]Most of the fervor comes from an article written by Josh Topolsky, which is based on the keynote and what he confirmed with Apple PR. Getting around assumptions based on what Steve Jobs said or didn’t say at the keynote is easy. However, getting around confirmation from Apple PR is a little more difficult.

It makes sense Jobs would focus on the cloud — that is the sexy part of iCloud. Apple wanted to show developers, and the world, what cool things can be done with the service. Showing a Web-based email client isn’t so sexy, so why bother showing it.

Apple may also have a few more tricks up its sleeve for its Web-based services that it didn’t want to unveil before it was absolutely necessary. It’s not unlike Apple to save a few tidbits for the launch of a product and keep the competition guessing at the same time.

As for Josh’s Apple PR confirmation. The only thing I can think of is that there was some kind of misunderstanding.

Daring Fireball’s John Gruber says Topolsky is making a “bad assumption.” That sounds about right to me.

Of this, I am sure — Apple will have a Web-based interface for iCloud. In fact, I expect an even cooler interface than the latest updates we saw with MobileMe calendar and email.

  • I agree that even though Apple made no reference to a web front-end to iCloud it is prudent to assume they will provide one. I am also prudently assuming that every iCloud account comes with a ham sandwich.

  • So your statement above is an opinion rather than fact?

    Very disappointing. Please be more considerate to people who take the time to read by not being misleading.

    • Please come back a couple of months from now and tell us how disappointed you are once additional iCloud details are actually released. Jim Dalrymple has a better track record with opinions than many tech writers have with what they call “facts.”

    • STL

      I read this column frequently, so with authority I can categorize Jim’s insight and predictions as 11 on a scale of 1 to 10.

      • That is great and opinions are important. Integrity is also important and framing an opinion as fact is what I was disappointed with.

        I currently have a MobileMe subscription and have not found any use for the web interface. The calendar syncs great on my iOS devices. iWeb syncs great with the service too.

        At present, and as usual with Apple, all we have is speculation.

        • Gee

          If you weren’t busy being some two bit, pseudo technologist hype machine (“Groupon on steroids” my ass), then you’d know Jim isn’t throwing this out there as an opinion.

          By all means though, continue being one of these johnny come lately’s that doesn’t know the track record of any Apple journalist.  We’ve seen dozens of you come and go.  Jim will still be here, kicking ass.

          • Gee

            OMFG, you even listed your interest in sports on your resume.  You’re rich buddy.

  • The service will probably have one, but the beauty of the service is that it is invisible to the user – it just works. 

  • Anonymous

    Reading Topolsky’s phrasing it seems to me he confirmed with Apple PR that Mobile Me web interface will be shut down. But the part about iCloud NOT having a web interface seems to be an assumption and he doesn’t say that Apple PR actually said that part.

  • Anonymous

    Now that looks like it might just work dude. Wow.


  • I think you are missing a point: you don’t need a web interface when your iPhone is up to date… http://www.deuschl.net/matthias/2011/06/icloud-and-apples-truth-en/

  • Geert

    Apple PR’s confirmation of the current web apps being replaced by iCloud says absolutely nothing, as long as they don’t tell if iCloud has web apps. That’s all there is.