∞ J.P. Morgan: iPad competitors failing

After the release of the original iPad, companies crawled out of the woodwork to announce a tablet of their own. However, those companies are finding that consumers don’t just want a tablet, they want an iPad.

[ad#Google Adsense 300×250 in story]A report released on Thursday by J.P. Morgan Chase says that demand is not what Apple’s competitors had hoped for. In fact, production of tablets has dropped by about 10 percent, according to NYTimes.

In comparison, Apple has had a hard time keeping up with demand for the iPad since it was released. For its fiscal second quarter, Apple sold 4.69 million iPads.

The report even went so far as to name Asustek’s Eee Pad Transformer, Motorola’s XOOM, RIM’s PlayBook, and Samsung’s Galaxy Tab as the failing competitors.

J.P. Morgan said it expects the “tablet bubble” to burst later this year.

  • JohnO

    I’ve seen only one non iPad tablet outside of an electronics store.

    • Anonymous

      I haven’t even seen one.

  • Anonymous

    If the unwashed masses aren’t buying these other tablets, what does that say about the management of these would-be competitors? Doesn’t the fact of NOT buying this other junk make these non-customers more perceptive than these companies’ executives?

  • Theres no demand for tablets, theres demand for iPads but that a different thing.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe if the competitors had a marketing strategy other than “We have Flash!” That might be a good selling point if Flash was actually relevant these days.

    • That is THE only selling point that Apple’s competitor’s can ever lay claim to.  I’ve not heard one single compelling reason why another tablet should be had over an iPad.  Flash?  Really?  So you LIKE games and ads on the internet?

  • Player_16

    It’s the iPod all over again.

  • His Shadow

    As several other industry watchers have already noted, without the leverage of the carriers there is no good reason what so ever for a consumer to buy an Android tablet.

  • Jerry

    There are a lot of reasons to buy something other than an iPad. Do your homewoek

  • Jth9234

    If Americans weren’t sooo brainwashed by Apple stuff, they might stop for a second and recognize the Playbook may actually be better.

    RIM fixed BB Bridge, now BB owners can share their phone carrier data for free on their Playbooks. This is a great thing for the consumer that here in America is constantly getting fleeced for separate data plans for for computers, tablets, and phones. One data plan powers both devices and without doing any risky “rooting” or “jailbreaking”.

    But Americans don’t take notice of this great thing, they would rather hand Apple, ATT, Verizon, etc their wallets and have them take what they want.

    The Playbook is the most underrated device in recent memory…

    • Or we would just rather use a tablet that has native mail, contact, and calendar…  Oh and it’s great that RIM “fixed” Bridge but I still don’t have a BB so the PlayBook is basically useless.  At least the iPad can stand on it’s own, you don’t need an iPhone at all to “enhance” your iPad.

    • MFuehrer

      You’re an idiot.  What does “American” have ANYTHING to do with this subject matter?   You’re the brainwashed one, my friend…  you’ve been whacked over the head with a Playbook!  Hopefully you’ll wake up with a big bruise and realize what a schmuck u are.

      • Jth9234

        Only in America do we get fleeced by the carriers to pay for separate data plans for our smartphones, tablets, laptops. Other countries the carriers allow hotspot and tethering features share data without having to pay the carrier extra every month for a feature built into a smartphone. Get it? Good. So I like my Bb Torch with tether app for my laptop and bridge app for my playbook. Excuse me for for not being a sucker…

  • Saw a Xoom and a Playbook on display at a local Target today. Neither of them was connected to a power source so they could be tested by a potential buyer.

    But they sure looked nice and flat and glassy. I look forward to seeing what Staples does with their display models.

    • aksupertiger

      Oh gee, they ARE soo flat and glassy, aren’t they! Have you seen the iPad 2? Pictures of it? Obviously not. Otherwise you might have mentioned the iPad. But that’s okay. You can stay obsessed with the Xoom and Playbook and forget that alternatives are available that gasp actually work.

      • I was making fun of the Xoom and the Playbook. I was using sarcasm to damn poorly-made and poorly-marketed devices with faint praise. This is why I also mentioned Staples, which does an almost equally poor job of presenting consumer technology that consumers might want to know important facts about.

  • Jth9234

    So under the way of thinking of people on this board, the thing that sells the best, is the best? Also one size fits all for all? So its impossible for me to actually like a 7″ tablet better, sharing one data plan, with better screen resolution, sound, portability, and flash capabilities? I guess no one is entitled to their own opinion any more?