∞ The Heist topples Angry Birds as App Store's top selling app

A new game from the folks who brought Mac users the MacHeist software bundle has done the unthinkable — it toppled Angry Birds as the top selling app on the App Store.

[ad#Google Adsense 300×250 in story]The developers told The Loop on Wednesday that The Heist sold 25,233 copies in about half a day. That was enough to give them top spot on the App Store, at least for single day sales — they still have a ways to go to beat Angry Birds for cumulative sales, but they are well on their way.

Dubbed The Heist, the new game takes users through the spy world, full of missions and intrigue. Missions must be solved in order to move on in the game.

According to the developers, The Heist features a fiendishly secured vault worth cracking; 4 types of challenging puzzles; 60 fun, addictive puzzles to solve; 19 Game Center achievements to earn; and a valuable prize awaits you at the end.

Like the Web sites that MacHeist builds for its missions, The Heist is a very well done app. It’s graphically pleasing and has a few surprises from the moment you open the app. I won’t ruin the surprise.

The Heist costs $0.99 and is available from the App Store.

  • I ended up unlocking the vault after a couple hours of on and off play. It was well worth the 99 cents for the game – even without the prize at the end! I’ve been going back through the rest of the puzzles and they can get quite challenging.

    I do wish there was at least a little help info at the start of the game to explain what the different puzzles were. With the Sudoku-like ones I just kept putting pieces in random spots until it worked. I don’t ever play Sudoku and didn’t realize that was what it was until I had read it later on.

    • I disagree regarding the hints. If you don’t have to think and figure things out, it’s not a puzzle. I was pleasantly surprised when I realized that it was sudoku based on the white dots showing the reasons why a piece can’t be placed in a certain location. Written instructions would have broken the spell the game casts. I also think this is worth 99 cents. Short, but fun and like the post says, there’s a prize at the end worth more than that.

      • kibbles

        if youve never played sudoko (like i havent), i bet that puzzle would be less fun, not knowing the rules and just placing tiles wherever.