∞ Apple has NOT announced Steve Jobs as WWDC 2011 keynote speaker

Despite published reports to the contrary, Apple has not announced CEO Steve Jobs will give the keynote address. I confirmed this morning that Apple did not make an announcement.

[ad#Google Adsense 300×250 in story]Gigaom on Tuesday published a story that said Jobs would give the keynote. The Web site cited an official announcement from Apple in the story. The problem is there is no official announcement from Apple.

The published story also says that Jobs will keynote WWDC on June 7, but this year’s WWDC kicks off on June 6.

Coincidentally, June 7, 2010 was the last keynote that Jobs gave. It seems Gigaom is reading news from last year and not for the 2011 show.

  • it’s here http://www.apple.com/pr/library/2010/05/24wwdc.html

  • Anonymous

    Perhaps, with a sold-out conference, Apple is thinking there’s no rush to announce Steve as keynote speaker until closer to the date, which would give them better assurance against a possible decline in his health during the period between announcement and show date–or it just may add to the impact if they simply don’t make an announcement and he’s just there anyway.

  • Perfect example of “Get it first, not right”.

  • “We regret being as careless as our most demanding, attention-challenged readers.”

  • Georeg Carlin has not been announced either.

  • Anonymous

    “Georeg Carlin?” Good thing- no one knows who he is!