∞ About this new product launch and NFC for Apple retail

It’s been quite a week of rumor and speculation in the Apple world. There’s been so much that I thought I’d give my thoughts on what’s being said.

[ad#Google Adsense 300×250 in story]There are three things that have been talked about over the past few days: Apple’s retail anniversary celebration, a new product launch to celebrate that anniversary, and the introduction of Near Field Communication (NFC) technology at the Apple retail stores.

None of these make any sense to me.

Let’s look at Apple’s retail anniversary. Sure, it’s been 10 years for Apple, but the company rarely celebrates any anniversary. That’s not to say that the Internet and Web sites don’t reflect on what Apple has done over the years, but Apple has always looked ahead, not back.

Besides the fact that a product launch on a Thursday, a few weeks before WWDC doesn’t make any sense at all, Apple is not going to release something to celebrate its retail anniversary, because they don’t do that. Besides, most of Apple’s Mac products were recently updated and don’t need to be updated again so soon.

That leaves us with NFC at the retail stores. I just don’t believe it’s going to happen. Apple doesn’t even have NFC in the iPhone, why would they install it in their retail stores.

If and when Apple implements NFC on the iPhone, It won’t be long before you see it in the retail locations.

Those that expect a big Apple party on Thursday should probably adjust their expectations considerably.

  • “Those that expect a big Apple party on Thursday should probably adjust their expectations considerably.” 

    I can see them having a party, but not a product launch. That is an important distinction.

  • Anonymous

     Apple hater! 😛

  • Normanq96

     Why guess ? it’s days away-put away the crystal balls away for a minute.  

  • Debunked! 

  •  The worse part of this retail story is that, while seemingly every Mac Media site is “reporting” this, there’s really only one (suspect) source for the information. None of these other sites have or have bothered to get independent second sourcing of the rumor.

    The problem is, it makes it look like there are “wide spread reports” of this event when in fact, it’s just the internet Echo Chamber repeating one piece of unproven information so many times that it takes on the veneer of truth.

    • Crisrod63

      And so is the nature of the web. It is almost like living in a small town.

  • iisystems

    I agree on all this, except that everyone seems to think that NFC is needed for a secure iPhone POS transaction.  It’s not.  There is enough technology in EXISTING iDevices and in Apple’s ecosystem already.  Here’s one scenario: The new items are: (1) Apple POS terminal and (2) iWallet app.  Existing pieces are: (3) Wi-Fi for both the terminal and your iPhone to connect to a common server, (4) In-app notifications for iWallet to receive the payment request, (5) iTunes account link to make the payment, and (6) the server… in that NC data center (maybe not just for music?)… Viola… 200M payment devices already in consumers’ hands.  Start off with a three month “beta” program spearheaded at Apple stores  (where there’s no exposure to failure) and then maybe they’ll even give the terminals to other retailers for free, because eventually that inconvenience/expensive piece of plastic between the iTunes account and the customer will be eliminated and Apple will process the payment themselves.

    Think about it… why would Apple want to introduce a payment service that wouldn’t be unique to them?  This is not to say they won’t eventually adopt NFC, but right now, this is the immediate path to mobile payments which Android cannot touch, mainly because of the iTunes account link.

  • Anonymous

    Boooo! I was all excited, hoping for the new MBA.

  • Crisrod63

     If anything, the Mac Pro might be updated, but that model is hardly a retail star. So if it happens, it would be coincidence.