∞ RIM recalls faulty PlayBooks

RIM executives argued that its PlayBook tablet would change the way people viewed the devices. Apparently they meant it would be the first to be recalled.

[ad#Google Adsense 300×250 in story]RIM has reportedly issued a recall for over 900 faulty PlayBooks. At least some of the PlayBooks were shipped to Staples stores, but it’s not clear that they were the only location to receive the faulty devices, according to Engadget.

In a memo dated May 13, 2011, Staples said that faulty PlayBooks had to be pulled from the shelves. While it seems RIM notified retailers, there is no evidence that RIM or retailers have contacted customers who may have purchased the faulty devices.

The PlayBook went on sale less than a month ago and has received poor reviews from almost everyone that has touched it.

  • But it can’t be faulty.  It simply CAN’T be.  It does Flash. 

    • Maybe if it were “open” they wouldn’t have this problem? Muahahahaaa!

  • Snarkicist

     They probably didn’t need to contact the customers because there haven’t been any.

  •  Let me guess…  these are the models that didn’t get the email and calendar app installed at the factory?

  • Perhaps Balsillie didn’t think consumers would notice the difference after cutting the Playbook’s QA budget.

  • Ro

    Please keep the focus of this blog on Apple’s successes and less about RIM f***ing up – they already get enough media attention elsewhere so there’s no need to cover it here.

    • RIM chose to take on Apple not only with the hardware, but with their stupid “playtime is over” advertising campaign. They’re pretty much getting exactly what they asked for – which is the stink-eye from Apple media and users!

  • Jeff

    Well, it’s not like RIM didn’t taunt the media and public, crowing about Playbook’s “superiority.”  If you are going to do a high wire act without a net, you had better be prepared for more than a bruise if you fall. 

  • Jth9234

    900 faulty Playbooks distributed in Staples stores? This is news? That is such a low number it is insignificant. Its seems like many around here are rooting for failure for the Playbook.

    Apple never recalled the AT&T iPhone4, instead offered at piece of rubber/plastic to hold the antenna signal, and the masses kept buying it even though it could sustain any phone call for any extended period of time. It even went on somehow to become the best selling single phone model ever!

    • “Somehow”? No recall was necessary. Lots of other smartphones continue to sell with acknowledged, similar antenna weaknesses. Try another meme. You can probably find a few on Paul Thurrott’s sites.

    • Player_16

      I think it was a good move on RIM’s part that they were able to catch these faulty few while in transit; you know, one bad apple spoils the bunch. Or in this case, one bad accessory spoils the shiny RIM’s. 

      There was more than ‘antenna signal’ issues that were involved with iPhone 4 that didn’t require a recall. And besides, the iPhone 4 was all ready out there and not in transit. Those type of recalls are insignificant since they don’t involve life-and-limb.

  • Jth9234

     Apple convinced people to stick it out with their poorly designed phone and Steve Jobs arrogantly told them they could get another phone if they were unhappy with the overall experience of this one. And they foolishly stuck with a phone that has trouble often at its primary reason for being, making phone calls!

    Recall would be necessary if the average Apple consumer wasn’t duped by clever marketing. Could you imagine selling a car that had serious problems driving, but had great extra features? Or a computer that couldn’t log into the internet consistently, but came with great programs? Or an E-Reader that had had poorly displayed hard to see words, but had free web browsing?

    Thats pretty much what happened with the AT&T iPhone4. It did the media features as well as any phone before it and most since, but was like going back to the late 1990’s in reception and call quality. And its a phone first and foremost! Simply amazing.

    • Does it become more true when you repeat this trash? Or just more comforting to you?

    • Vamsmack

       So you use an iPhone 4? Or are you just basing this of the breathless reports by idiot bloggers who tried to start shit like ‘Glass-gate’.

      I do and don’t have any of the described problems with the antenna, call quality or signal strength. Stop believing everything typed up during a mountain dew induced frenzy.

      • Jth9234

        Everyone I know with an AT&T iPhone4, which is a lot of people all say, terrible phone, great media device.  Didn’t hear that from 3GS users and I don’t know enough people with Verizon iPhone 4’s to make any assessment. Maybe more people will get it when their contracts expire with their Android phones?

        • Vamsmack

           Blame the network buddy.

          Yet no one I know has this issue. I literally have tried at least 5-10 devices and have yet to be able to drop calls doing it clearly it is just the carrier that blows not the phone.

    • Player_16

      You should’ve stopped on your first post for now you just sound bitter-n-stupid. A pocket-sized device to be recalled and sent back for a fault? Your car analogy would suffice due to life-and-limb but all that other guff was just spew coming from your mouth (keyboard). How many seriously injured people were there when operating their iPhones or computers or E-Readers? (You see what I did there?)

       SJ (Apple) gave you 2 options to take and a 3rd if you didn’t like the first 2 (money back). They opted to wear that. Both Apple and RIM are covering their own asses to prevent costumers from being disgruntled. Apple’s at the top of its game right now and RIM is trying to stay relevant. RIM was yesterday -like ‘antenna gate’ that you spewed-up. 900 might seem like a insignificant number to you but it’s a lot when you have a bad report card and you’re trying to sale an expensive phone accessory to previous customers and possible new ones.

      • Jth9234

        No mention of injuries in my analogy, cars that can’t drive? Well, whatever. My point is this is more beating up on RIM for a non news story. Its like many are out to see the PB fail. 

        I have to say its a push right now whats better the iPad2 or PB. PB actually has the better display, better speakers, and has a more functional web browsing experience. So it looks better, sounds better, surfs the web better. Yes, all factual, not even opinion.

        iPad2 of course has more apps and a bigger form factor. Also Netflix and Hulu were not blocked. But Amazon Cloud HD is!

        Playbook gets a few more key apps, fixes the Bridge Browser, and Hulu/Netflix become usable, then where is the iPad2 better? Playbook is a whole lot better the shill critics want to acknowledge and this non story is another way to discredit a great tablet…

        • Player_16

          Look, when a car has serious driving problems which could cause personal injuries, a recall is needed -you brought it up. These ‘personal commodity’ things are throw-aways, get another… like an apple; a Wintel computer… There’s no whatever. You don’t just throw away a car; no matter how rich you just happen to be. Too much work.

          But that’s just it. Gonna, gonna, gonna fix this, add that, make it usable does not make a now functional Playbook. RIM spun some shill about some things that will show up this summer while introducing a $500 accessory that Dan Dodge, the founder of QNX and the inventor of the Playbook, stated they’ve been working on since late 2009. People expected what was stated thinking it was ready ahead of time but they didn’t deliver. Slowly, this $500 accessory is receiving some good press/reviews from those that bought it but also from the same quarters getting negative marks. Apple just spoiled everyone with the ‘just works’ mantra and people expect the same from a reputable company that even the President of the US is known to use on a regular basses; RIM. 

          • Jth9234

            So the iPad2 can’t be improved according to you? What works better in cloud computing Playbook or Ipad2? Playbook. This is big bc if you go with the cheaper 16gig models like most people do, cloud computing can give you virtually unlimited memory to play with. But shills in the media hardly ever mention this?

            The would rather harp on not liking a button that works fine or no native email in a WiFi device? All I am saying is the Playbook right now is already arguably the best tablet out there. But nitpicking on things that don’t matter seems to be the spin now to discredit this wonderful device.

          • Player_16

            What the hell are you on about! Did I mention iPad anywhere? Direct me! Don’t put words in MY mouth! I just told you that people were told that they would receive things that work NOW; not down the track. Where’s the G3 version? This summer so no cloud unless tethered… and don’t tell me about the 3G iPad that came out some 6 weeks later… that was LAST YEAR and was told it was going to come out at that prescribed time and it did!

            At this point in time, the PB is not finished. It’s good but not yet. It’s an accessory to a BB. Only a serious and patient BB owner would appreciate this product for he would know the workarounds… and we know how many of them there are… NOT MANY! 

  • Ok at this point its not even worth my distain. I really feel sorry for RIM.