∞ Apple faces another data location lawsuit

Apple is being sued again over the controversial data location file on its iPhone and iPad devices.

[ad#Google Adsense 300×250 in story]Filed in the United States District Court for the District Of Puerto Rico, Lymaris M. Rivera Diaz is suing Apple, The Weather Channel and Pandora Media for intentionally intercepting personally identifying information.

The lawsuit also names Does 1-10, leaving room to name other defendants at a later date.

The lawsuit contends that Apple captures the Unique Device ID and transmits that information, along with location data, to third-party advertisers.

Apple is facing six different charges, including fraud, abuse, and unfair trade practices.

The lawsuit is asking for monetary damages.

This is the second lawsuit Apple is facing over this issue. In late April another lawsuit was filed claiming Apple tracked its users without permission.

Apple’s Vice President of Software Technology, Guy L. “Bud” Tribble, on Monday testified before the US Senate answering questions about mobile privacy, and said “Apple was never tracking an individual’s location from the information residing in that cache.”

Apple made it very clear in an FAQ posted to its Web site that it was not tracking the information on users’ devices.

  • His Shadow

    What level of narcissism is required to think that Apple gives a shit about a single persons repeated visits to Krispy Kreme?

    It’s crowd sourced, morons. If millions of iPhone users beat a path to Ruth’s Chris door, that’s a signal to Apple to sell advertising space to that restaurant.

    You’d think Apple is using this data to pop up a noon message that says “Hey, Lymaris! Shouldn’t your fat ass be in a booth at Taco Bell by now?”

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for that comment. It is hilarious.

      What is strange about this Lymaris fellow is that he mush have opted in to have his location and device information be sent to those companies. At least, that’s how Apple says it is supposed to work.

      Maybe Lymaris likes to cover his car’s license plate and VID too. The Taco Bell camera is liable to notice.

  • Anonymous

    So I don’t use either of the mentioned apps but I am curious, when you open them does it ask to use your location. Cause if it does then you are basically saying you let them track you.

    as for the UUID issue. Find me where that number is linked to anything else that shows you that that ID is me and not ‘His shadow” or anyone else. That’s one thing I haven’t seen yet. Compared to the US government requiring that every cell phone provider be able, upon warrant, to find MY phone in real time via the legally mandated GPS. And now apparently Mr Franken actually demanding that historical information should be kept so they can find out where I am and where I have been using precise GPS details

  • Brett

    Was anyone actually harmed? Don’t there have to be some damages, or is this just a blatant attempt to grab money from Apple?

    • His Shadow

      I will take “Things That Are Blatant Grabs for Money” for a 1000 dollars, Brett.

  • Racaseal Angel

    Why not just simply sue all the owners of those ads that show your city or town name? They use the same location data to “target” potential clicks for junk nobody wants.

    I can remember an ad free internet back in the day… and it was considered an honor to have an advertisement for a product you used frequently on your personal web page…