∞ Sony delays PSN restart, citing more security problems

Sony’s PlayStation Network still isn’t online, missing Sony’s own deadline to get the service running again. The company admits it underestimated the extent of its security malfunction after discovering almost 25 million more users with exposed information.

“Sony discovered that SOE servers – which run its popular online role playing games – were broken into at the same time as its PlayStation Network and Qriocity service, but only discovered that after [SCEA chairman Kazuo] Hirai spoke.”

Sony’s alienating paying customers, and its stock price hasn’t rebounded since the news broke that the company’s servers had been broken into.

Sony delays PlayStation Network restart, citing SOE break-in | ZDNet

  • Anonymous

    Woe is me! Shame and scandal in de family!

  • His Shadow

    What a load of crap. Thank Odin I have Fallout: New Vegas.

  • His Shadow

    As an aside, remember when people guessing at weak Apple store passwords meant iTunes was “hacked”? This is a hack, kids. When iTunes is offline for three weeks for retooling, you can claim iTunes was “hacked”.

  • This will cripple Sony’s online gaming for years to come. The X-BOX Live team has to be laughing their @ss off and double checking their own security. I know I would.

    • His Shadow

      Yea, that fee they charge for Xbox Live doesn’t look so bad now does it?