∞ Amazon responds to Apple's App Store lawsuit

Amazon on Tuesday responded to Apple’s trademark lawsuit filed last month.

[ad#Google Adsense 300×250 in story]Amazon called the lawsuit baseless and said “App Store” was a generic term, reports Mac Rumors. Not surprisingly, Amazon has asked the court to throw out the lawsuit, which would allow them to use the App Store term.

By calling App Store a generic term, Amazon is following in the footsteps of Microsoft. In its legal fight with Apple, Microsoft says App Store is a generic term that should not be given to Apple alone.

Apple argues that the term has become synonymous with Apple’s application store and clearly Amazon is trying to take advantage of that in opening a marketplace to sell Android applications.

Both Microsoft’s and Amazon’s legal cases with Apple are ongoing.

  • Generic term ha!? You Windows makers 😉

  • IcyFog

    Windows is a generic term.

  • This is the company that patented ( and which Apple licensed ) the groundbreaking idea of storing one’s credit card details so you could buy stuff with “1-click”? And they’re bleating about genericness?

  • Steve Jobs forgot to include Amazon in the now infamous 2011 The Year of the Copycats Keynote slide.

  • Apple’s list of victims:

    1) Borders(sad, but true) 2) Amazon(will die a slow death) 3) Zune(dead years ago) 4) Motorola Mobility(wait til thisThursday when the bottom drops out) 4) Acer (CEO fired early) 5) HTC(via lawsuit) 6)Dell(again, will die a slow death) 7)Kodak(all three lawyers that work for them) 8) Adobe(who’s learning to adopt) 9) Windows CE Phones(or whatever they were called) 10) Palm 11) HP(yes, they’ll start falling apart soon too)

    • Oh, please. Most of your list are victims of their own inability to change. If anything, Borders was a victim of Amazon. And Adobe and HP aren’t going anywhere for awhile.

  • aj

    Apple starts with mouse, 3.5″ disk, windows & menus,… iTunes Store, Apps Store, iOS.. others stop to innovates and think and falls into copycats, followers, confusing the consumers for more business.. with more copycats coming… Apple stands as the true personal computing company innovating the consumers mind and life through its products… it is sad to see in some people that their best money goes to the copycats.. why?

  • Kellyl

    PC and google is quite generic and you don’t see Apple ripping it off 😉