∞ Apple sued for tracking user location on iPhone and iPad

It was only a matter of time before it happened and here it is — two Apple users have filed a lawsuit against the company for tracking user location.

[ad#Google Adsense 300×250 in story]According to Bloomberg, one of the people uses an iPhone and lives in Florida, and the other uses an iPad and lives in New York.

“We take issue specifically with the notion that Apple is now basically tracking people everywhere they go,” Aaron Mayer, an attorney for the plaintiffs, said today in a telephone interview with Bloomberg. “If you are a federal marshal you have to have a warrant to do this kind of thing, and Apple is doing it without one.”

Of course, the lawsuit stems from a report last week that found the iPhone and iPad contains a file that tracks user’s location. Since then another researcher offered an explanation for the file and another story found Android also tracks a user’s location.

  • D’Awww, how cute, they want to give money to Apple’s lawyers. facepalm

    Not knowing all the facts and being trigger-happy isn’t such a good combination.

  • His Shadow

    The file doesn’t go anywhere. Are these fucktards going to sue their GPS manufacturers as well?

  • Rich Prince

    Google Android and Facebook are data tracking and mining much more aggressively. But historically it has been the phone company and cell phone providers who are the biggest offenders and you have to wondewr why they go about their business unquestioned and untouched with the possible exception of the occasional subpoena for drug trafficking, otherwise, they are using the data all the time for their commercial use and exploitation.

  • The English language, so problematic. Other people might say they are suing Apple for “caching cell tower information in an open, easily readable file.” But that’s no fun. Make it seem like Apple can tell that you went to a stripper bar and can exactly determine that. That’s more fun and gets more headlines. Who cares about the accurate use of words.

    Wrapping your laptop in foil should solve the problem, eh. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    They should have read their Apple privacy policy before purchasing the devices. It clearly states that location information is collected and shared with partners such as App Developers and Advertisers. Has since iOS 4.0 was released.

  • it amazes me that people can’t tell the difference between Apple doing something, and your iPhone doing something.

    “Apple makes the iPhone, and the iPhone logs the data, there for Apple is logging the data.”

    Along those same lines, Honeywell makes the safe that I have in my apartment. My money is in that safe, therefore, the company Honeywell has my money.

    PAY ATTENTION PEOPLE!!! Apple is not keeping a record of every web site that you visit, even though your computer is caching that information. It’s on the computer that you own, in your house. Apple doesn’t have it. The same is true of this cached location information.

    Dear lord, this is annoying.

  • justin

    they should sue apple for everything they have i love the company its great but i can believe that they gone to tracking people its a shame