∞ Report: White iPhone arrives at Best Buy April 27

The elusive white iPhone 4 could be in stores by the end of April, according to a new report on Saturday.

[ad#Google Adsense 300×250 in story]Citing sources in Europe and the U.S., 9to5Mac has a screenshot of Best Buy’s upcoming product inventory, which includes the white iPhone. The in-stock date listed on the screen is April 27, 2011.

The report says the product listed in the screenshot is an AT&T GSM model, but a Verizon model is supposedly on the way too. White 16GB and 32GB have reportedly already been shipped to Best Buy.

However, just because the iPhone is showing up in Best Buy’s system, it doesn’t mean it will be released. The white iPhone showed up in AT&T’s systems earlier this year, but it’s still not available.

Apple has never given a reason for the delay of the white iPhone 4, other than it has “proven more challenging to manufacture than expected.

  • Anonymous

    T-mobile White iPhone 4? I doubt it’s real. So far, All are rumors, and that’s only mockup! So the real White iPHone we should don’t know, and only the Apple know, but it won’t let’s know until it’s going to release~ Hmm, also read this “Engineering images of iPhone 5 leaked?” , but seems that is not an image of the iPhone 5, I will say that if the real iPhone 5 has a back of similar design (and gorgeous brushed grain), it will be the first iPhone that looks better than the original.

    But anyways, knowing Apple, whether it has an Aluminum, Glass, or Liquid Metal back it will turn out great!