∞ Apple's iOS outdoes Android by 116% in Europe

According to a new study by market research firm comScore on Thursday, Apple’s iOS is far outreaching that of Google’s Android.

[ad#Google Adsense 300×250 in story]The results of the study show that iOS on Apple’s iPhone, iPod touch, and iPads has a combined installed base of 28.9 million users. Android’s user base is at 13.4 million users. That number includes phones and connected media devices like the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

That gives Apple a 12.4 percent share of the market and a 116 percent lead over its Android counterpart. Google has 5.7 percent share of the market.

A study of iPad owners in Europe shows that ownership extends beyond the iPhone. Smartphone users of every major brand are represented among those that also own an iPad, according to the study.

ComScore’s study of the U.S. showed that Apple’s iOS has a 59 percent lead over Google’s Android in that market as well.

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    iPhone revenue and profit last quarter: $12 billion/`$3 billion

    Google’s entire business revenue and profit: $9 billion/$2.3 billion

    The iPhone alone is bigger than Google’s entire business.

  • yes and, apple had over 80% of the persnal pc at one point.

    • Leemartin40

      Yes, and Google has roughly 80% of the search business… Sure you want to draw a parallel here?

    • Nope, Apple never had more than 22% of the PC market at the height of the Apple II’s popularity and no more than 11% for the Mac.

      The only parallel that is at all relevant is the 80% market share that the iPod has had of the media player market for the last decade.


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    I live in London and you hardly ever see Android Smartphones being used on the Tube (underground metro service) – a reliable indicator of gadget popularity!

    Seriously – seeing someone using an Android phone is almost an event – I have a peek just to see what they’re like. It’s like seeing a rare species in the wild.

    Also I’m starting to see a few people use iPads on the Tube too. No Android tablets whatsoever.

    The reason for this I’d say is simply that the iPhone is the better product and in 2009 was made available to pretty much all the carriers here. So people could stick with the carrier that they liked with the best offer and use the product that they thought was best too. It really seems to be that simple.

    • I can totally back this up. When I visited London last year in October everyone had an iPhone, EVERYONE!

    • Here in Ottawa the fast majority of those on public transit have Blackberries…therefore it MUST be the better product and is available to all carriers here.

      /logic fail

  • How long had Android been on the market again?

    • Anonymous

      Three years.

  • Anonymous

    Well I’m only saying what my eyes tell me…

    Re. logic. All I’m trying to say is that it appears that a well-marketed generally well-received phone when it’s available on all carriers appears to have to have succeeded in the London market, at least against other challengers.

    I’m sure that Android will continue to grow here – but more as a fancy dumb-phone upgrade i.e. to users who aren’t actually looking for a Smartphone – and who probably aren’t going to use it as a Smartphone – but got talked into getting a (free) upgrade.

    Android might ‘win’ here in London – but to be honest, at the moment I just don’t see it.

  • any update on IOS vs Android to access web, user profile, tablet (ipad vs galaxy vs others) etc, especially for europe