∞ First screenshots of Final Cut Pro X

Final Cut Pro is making a big splash at NAB tonight, as Apple showed off the latest version of the video application.

[ad#Google Adsense 300×250 in story]While the company wouldn’t give much information about the other apps in the suite — Motion, Soundtrack Pro, Color, Compressor and DVD Studio Pro — Apple did tell The Loop to “stay tuned.”

Final Cut Pro X will be sold in the Mac App Store in June and will cost $299.

Final Cut Pro X included some new features like background rendering, color management, and a “magnetic timeline” that allows clips to be moved in the timeline without displacing other clips.

Here are a few screenshots of the new application that Apple passed along to me tonight.

  • Anonymous

    Nancy, our video editor at work, is going to have a cow.

    • S. Mulji

      is that in a good way or a bad way?

      • Anonymous

        Very good. I might even get a hug when I tell her! 🙂

  • Guest

    if she has a Cow is the Dr. going to Faint ?

  • I am not seeing how the view is going to work?

  • *viewer

  • Dzigi

    How about some movie from this show??

  • Looks fantastic, thanks for sharing!!..

  • Anonymous

    How anyone can say this looks like iMovie Pro is beyond me – seriously. Look at the context sensitive windows for effects, trimming etc. What an update. More info on the other apps would be good, but I’m guessing they’ve ‘unbundled’ them for now, which is probably a good idea – most editors don’t use Motion or Soundtrack Pro any more, and no one asked me to make a DVD in about 2 years.

    I’m a 10 year FCP editor – and whilst change will be ‘interesting’ I’m all for it – let’s move the game forward. Now we just need all the hardware and software (filters etc) on board before we can switch. Can’t wait to try this for myself…

    • Anonymous

      Lets hope indeed there will be AudioUnit, FXPlug support.

      • Flowton

        There is already, you just can’t see the interface.

    • “How anyone can say this looks like iMovie Pro is beyond me” –apparently there are a lot of elitist idiots on the interwebs who cannot accept an updated UI and easier workflows for their software being an update but rather a “dumbing down”…

    • Anonymous

      It does look like iMovie Pro and I say “so what’s the problem with that”. If it has the power needed does the UI change really matter that much. For many, no it doesn’t. We aren’t 60 year old guys that still wax poetic about the good old days of ‘professional’ film editing before all these computer toys. We are willing to learn new tricks.

      That said, lets see this baby in action before we diss. Real action, not some brush by demo

      • Rpewes

        It’s the 60 year old guys who have developed an industry that you now are trying to work in. maybe if you were to look at the “old tricks” you might actually learn something. The computer is only a tool you still need a creative editor.

        • Anonymous

          Don’t get me wrong, I learned a lot from those 60 year old men. Most of it theory that works no matter what tool you use. Which is why it pisses me off that they treat me like I’m just playing around while they are ‘real’ editors because they still use the old ways.

          My editing is just as good as theirs only I use newer software etc. But they would rather disrespect me for my tools than respect me for my skills. Then again, the rest of the industry is stepping up and even the old foggy directors like Cameron want folks that can use the shiny toys. So who will be getting jobs (hint it’s not the old guys that refuse to learn things like FCPx)

  • This looks horrible, the entire interface has changed, and that is bound to create problems integrating with older systems. Could they not have just added the updated features without changing the GUI?

    It really looks like iMovie upgraded.

    • “Could they not have just added the updated features without changing the GUI?”

      That’s the silliest thing I’ve read today (and the day is still young)!

      To have the biggest impact, you must reinvent things by changing them. They completely rewrote FCP so wtf would they just change the skin?!?!

      You obviously have never even used FCP to claim that iMovie is FCP.

      • Mike Bell, I have been using FCP for years, and for you to tell me that in order to change the way in which software processes data in the background you also need to change the GUI is vapid. I also have a BSc in Computer Science and Software Development, so don’t tell me I am being “silly” by asking that question.

        The reason why I moved from both Avid and Premier Pro is because of the GUI and ergonomics.

        So please explain to me how Premier Pro moves into the 64-bit realm without completely redesigning the interface?

        All I was saying is that with such a drastic redesign, you risk losing your market share to software vendors who prefer to allow their end users to experience the changes like adding a skylight to your home without demolishing all the walls around it for the “thrill”.

        Im sure rounded corners look pretty and the dark gray look swarve, but as a professional, its not what it looks like that counts more than getting the job done on time, using a familiar tool-set, and a viewer window where i can actually see all my footage.

        I really don’t feel like familiarizing myself with a new interface just because “Apple is cool and want to build on a platform for the next 10 years.”

        The tools to get the job done are already available, and only needed to be improved on, and not completely redesigned.

        Its no wonder Avid is now offering a discount on Media Composer for editors who want to switch form FCP!

        • “Im sure rounded corners look pretty and the dark gray look swarve, but as a professional, its not what it looks like that counts more than getting the job done on time, using a familiar tool-set, and a viewer window where i can actually see all my footage.”

          A cleaner interface is the whole point of getting the job done on time. Maybe it is just preference, but I would take a clean interface over anything in any kind of program. Clean interface means you can keep your mind focused.

          As a little analogy, what’s the point on ever cleaning your desk? Or your car? When it gets filled with crap, it gives you a headache and you can’t work well.

          Some kind of deep psychological thing I think. Though I’m an editor, not a psychologist 😉

        • Then don’t use it. Stop complaining, its that easy dude. If you like the old interface then great. Your also judging an entire application based on 3 screen shots. SMH..

    • Everyone wants things to get better, but no one wants anything to change. And that just isn’t possible.

      Apple rethinking of the editing interface is the surest indication that Apple is committed to this product for the long term. Apple has created a new base platform that they’ll be building on for the NEXT 10 years.

      The other platforms will highlight FCPX’s surface interface similarities to iMove as a downside, and that they’re leaving the Pro’s behind. But to think that is simple-headed and shortsighted.

    • Anonymous

      If by “It really looks like iMovie upgraded” you mean “It’s darker gray with rounded corners, and it’s better than iMovie” then, yes, I’d have to agree. Hahaha. I always get a chuckle out of the “I hate change!” crowd.

      • It’s not the dark gray and round corners that I’m opposed to. From these screenshots it looks like the entire workflow has changed. Apple has always leant towards mouse orientated operating, as opposed to keyboard oriented editing (like Avid). This GUI looks like it will be heavily mouse dependent, and for other ex Avid users like myself this will require us to change everything we do. We will have to re learn and change career long habits, and who is going to be happy or willing to do that?

        • scooterD3

          Actually, they announced that you can control the entire program with just the keyboard, so if anything it has actually become closer to Avid (although in FCP 7 you can still control the entire program with the keyboard, if set up properly)

    • I agree entirely. This looks like iMove and I am extremely pessimistic that this is any good at all. How many professional editors are going to want to change their workflow to fit this gui? Not Me.

    • Roger

      It’s going to create issues for freelancer having to work across both variants, where I work we only upgraded to 7 where we had to becaue of 7s shortcomings, hopefully they have fixed those

  • Itoboi

    Sometimes elitist idiots know better than to nitpick over the UI’s window placements. Calling FCPX an update is idiotic. Knowing I can utilize all the cores on my pro and say goodbye to rendering is worth the color change from grey to black.

    I just hope Apple hasn’t ignored the rest of the suite. Does anyone know what is happening with Color, Compressor, Motion and other software other than what the article stated? Any speculations?

    • There’s no info yet. But with FCPx dropping before June 20th, I would imagine info will start trickling out steadily over the next 2 months.

    • Anonymous

      Everything (including other stories on this site) point to the Suite continuing. Apple is not even showing the latest build at this point. This was demoed in February to a few pros. So Apple has no intention of showing everything they’re doing with the suite. It’s good they can offer FCP alone in the Mac App Store. That way people who don’t need those other apps don’t have to pay for them. But it would be silly to think they’re dropping them now. And as Jim has obtained information from Apple on the subject, I feel pretty safe saying such.

  • Sweet molly films

    I wonder if we are going to be able to use a lot of the plug-ins that we got from co. like FxFactory…

  • madhatter

    I’m sorry to say that I’m very melancholy, I remember when FCP 1.0 came out and for a few months I was really bumped because it didn’t work. Then apple released 1.5. well I am hoping for the best. p.s. did anyone notice if you can undock the viewer?

    • “did anyone notice if you can undock the viewer?”

      I was wondering this same thing

  • Lachlan

    I’ll be interested to see if Apple still sell the Studio bundle and whether upgrade pricing is offered for current users – as the App store doesn’t seem to support discounts for previously purchased Apps.

    Having purchased the previous bundle for AUS $1499 I’m going to feel shafted if everyone is offered the new bundle at a significant reduction in price.

  • Mountain Media Production Co.

    I’m going to reserve judgement until I at least see some demos. At this point, saying “this totally sucks” or “this rocks” shows an editor with kneejerk reactions – or – one I hope never to work with. This was a tease and I like many of the announced changes. It sounds like it will allow me to work faster and more efficiently. Yes, the GUI is different, but maybe – just maybe – that will turn out to be a GOOD thing? Again, I like that Apple has obviously put a lof of effort into the editing software I use on a daily basis. We’ll soon know more about the rest of the suite and what it all really means. Until then, cooler heads will hopefully prevail…

  • As a Apple Trainer for FCP, I’m very excited. Going to take a bit to shift through the UI changes, but the stuff under the hood? That’s where the excitement is. Seriously.

  • MacMarc

    The current version of FCP has a pretty bad UI that editors have become accustomed to. I think there is a ton of room for improvement in the UI. Keep an open mind, and give it a chance.

    Also, it still crashes too much—not often, but it shouldn’t crash at all. Hopefully, the ground-up rewrite will fix most of that.

  • Anonymous

    it’s funny that people are saying it looks too much like iMovie now. The new GUI style actually looks a lot more like Avid Media Composer.

  • vidmagic

    Looks like Premire. I hope you can still arrange the windows the way you want and are not stuck with the bones Apple decides to throw at you.

  • DarkstarAz

    64 bit, renders fast. Any resolution or codec you want to mix on the timeline. Collapse an entire section of your project, trim that clip, move it, open it back up. Audition several endings easily. EZ color matching from scene to scene. More motion efx right there in the FCP interface. Improved meta-data. Magnetic clips so things dont slide around. automatically creates tracks in a collision situation. Automatically lines up soundtrax based on waveforms, I think. See all media on both sides of a clip to be trimmed. Thats about all I can remember off the top of my head.

  • Jclint77084

    My question is, does this “new” version support other codecs natively? If you’re still going to have to render out everything but QT or ProRes for playback, they have failed miserably!

    • Daniel

      I agree, this is a burning issue for me an my team. We have serious issues with gamma shifting that causes us a lot of converting time and trouble before we can start work in our productions. I know we are not alone with the problem and no one have so far found a good work around with that as well. Now it is announced to work with Color Sync and I hope that is the answer on our prayer to solve some of these issues.

      Regards iForssberg

  • Nick

    What a bunch of know-it-alls. Apple spends years re-engineering this way way overdue interface, yet all the “experts” here can tear it apart by looking at a static screenshot. I am a Logic Pro user, and yes, Apple changed the interface on that, making it “more Garage-band-like” in some people’s opinion. Well a year or two later, nobody is complaining, the new interface is wonderful, economic and simple, belying the incredible power under the hood. Nobody does interfaces better than Apple, period.

  • VERY excited about this

  • brontosaurusrex

    The old gui was really old (felt out of time), so this should be expected. What exactly will be bundled for $299?