∞ Best Buy confirms 'upcoming promotion' for iPad 2

Employees at Best Buy stores were told by managers that they were only to sell iPad 2s to customers that pre-ordered the devices. They were also told to misinform customers about holding the iPad 2 until further notice. In an email to BGR.com today, Best Buy said they were holding the iPad 2 inventory for an upcoming promotion.

Pre-announcing an upcoming Apple promotion is not such a good idea for Best Buy.

Our stores have been asked to temporarily hold non-reserved iPad 2 inventory for an upcoming promotion. This is a customary practice for us when there are supply constraints. Best Buy enjoys a great partnership with Apple, and we’re delighted by customer response to iPad 2.

Best Buy responds to alleged iPad 2 sales freeze divulged by Best Buy staffers [updated] [BGR]

  • “We’d rather not sell you this device right now, because we believe we can generate more brand awareness and consumer goodwill for our retail chain by making it part of a marketing gimmick.”

    • Crisrod63

      It gets worse. They took deposits from unsuspecting customers with the vague promise of a reservation that was suppose to entitle the lucky recipient with the accelerated delivery of the coveted iPad 2 of there choice. Well, I am going on 28 days with out news of any kind. What makes it worse is that if another store happens to have my reserved model. I don’t have any access to said inventory. Which to me is kind of crap. Needles to say, I placed an order with Apple and the delivery date is May 3rd. I bet that I will get that sooner then the one I reserved from BB on the 12 of March.

      • They’ve had the benefit of using your deposit as banked revenue for almost a month and you’ve gained nothing, except for the warm glow of satisfaction that you helped a Best Buy regional manager make his sales numbers for the quarter.

        I’d cancel my order and get my deposit back, regardless of my other plans. Whatever else you might say about Apple retail, I don’t remember them jerking customers around to this extent.

        Best? Bye!

  • Anonymous

    Best Buy hardly pre announced anything. Had someone now posted the rumors they wouldn’t have said anything.

    As for it being a ‘bad idea’ they aren’t announcing a new product, Apple likely doesn’t care if they leak out their own games even if an Apple product might be involved. For all we know it isn’t a sale happening just a highlight in their ad which means in some states they have to make sure that there is stock in all area stores at least the first day the customers have the ad. Even if ‘supplies are limited’

    • Best Buy is holding back stock of an extremely popular item in order to try to boost retail sales of other items that they can’t get rid of. They’re trying to take advantage of extreme iPad demand in order to make up for lagging revenue and possibly poor inventory management. Whether this had been announced or not, whether it’s their right to do so or not, it’s still a crappy thing to do. Were I shopping for an iPad now, I’d go elsewhere.

  • Scorpi0n510

    I lost my IPAD while traveling. I ordered a new one. I waited for a month & survived on iPhone and eventually got frustrated & cancelled my order yesterday and bought a Samsung Galaxy, my first Android product and its amazing. There are just 12 months in a year, if apple wants customer to waste ONE whole month out of twelve for their product, even if I am apple fan, I don’t think I would, should, could do that.