∞ iPhone 5 will not launch in June

Reports on Tuesday suggest Apple will unveil the iPhone 5 at the end of June. This is not true.

[ad#Google Adsense 300×250 in story]My sources said today that rumors of an iPhone 5 release at the end of June were completely false.

The rumor started on a Korean site, translated by MacRumors, and that Apple had confirmed the news. Doesn’t it seem strange to anyone else that Apple would confirm the release of the iPhone 5 in Korea before confirming it in the U.S.?

The Loop first reported last week that Apple would not release any hardware at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference, instead focusing on software. Apple will talk about its iOS and Mac OS X operating systems.

  • So does this means it won’t come in 2011 at all or that it’s more likely for an autumn release?

    • It’s going to be weird to have a summer go by without an iPhone but if I had to lay money I’d think we see software hullabaloo at WWDC with Lion and an amazing iOS 5 roadmap. Only then in September we’d get an iPhone / iPod event. It seems like the iPod form factors have settled quite a bit and the excitement has gone out of it, adding the iPhone refresh would liven that up.

      • Again I say, why? Why would Apple wish to move their iPhone 5 reveal till autumn? I’m waiting for a new iPhone 5, because it was my birthday present, and I would much, much prefer to have my birthday present in June vis a vis September. If we’re talking iPhone 5 in September, I’d probably like an iPad 2 in between now and then…

        • Anonymous

          Pretty sure they did it just to screw up your birthday.

        • silencets

          Unless your name is Steve Jobs, then I don’t think Apple truly cares about a product launch for your birthday.

      • Anonymous

        I think they are going to combine the iPhone and iPod this year into a single family of handhelds with optional 3G in all and FaceTime in all and covering all price points, and iPhone 4G at the high-end.

      • Huh? How is it any weirder than having a new iPhone in Feb. (like we just did)? Yes; that is how this boils down. Whether you like it or not.

        Apple is not going to release a new iPhone; every single June; of every single year; for ever and ever. So get over it.

        • Well tell me then, if you’e so smart, why did Apple release new iPhones in June in 2007, 2008, 2009, AND 2010 if they weren’t going to release in June every single year?


          • Anonymous

            your logic doesn’t make any sense. If they did it for four years in a row, it doesn’t mean they will do the same this year.

            Various things have gone wrong. They screwed up the antenna, shattered glass on the back, released verizon iphone 7 months late, supply issue from Japan. In all likelihood, they are considering a major redesign and they have suffered setbacks in their schedule.

            It’s possible that they went ahead and released verizon iPhone 4 so late into their product cycle, only because they were expecting that iPhone 5 will be delayed.

          • silencets

            Conversely, they could have waited since the iPhone4 performs so well.

          • Poor little BJ’s inside a Skinner box, but doesn’t know it. Just keep feeding him food pellets and hitting the “shock” button when he answers a question incorrectly.

          • Anonymous

            Wow that second paragraph is a whole pile of steaming FUD

            They did NOT screw up the antenna (that whole issue was only an issue for like .01% of US owners and maybe 0.0001% of international) Poorly made 3rd party cases shattered the back glass The Verizon iphone was not set to be released at any point so you can’t call it ‘late’ There’s no proof of a supply issue for anything due to the earthquake No proof they are doing even a minor resign or of these alleged ‘setbacks’.

            IF they choose to release the iphone some time other than June/July it will be simply because they want to. Apply doesn’t like to be forced to play on anyone else’s time table be it MacWorld, NAB, WWDC or just public assumption. Or perhaps they are releasing late because some other party won’t be done with their whatever by then.

          • Jarredwarloc

            You have no correct sources to site any of this. You’re saying all of this out of opinion. The Verizon iPhone was indeed 7 months late, and it DID have a release date that was postponed. I’m not sure of the malfunctions the antenna and glass, but I am sure about the Verizon deal.

            About the June release, it’s their choice when they’ll release it. They can’t release a new phone every year, or it would eventually be almost identical to the previous years.

          • Just Somebody

            Didn’t the exclusivity deal with ATT preclude an earlier release?

          • Anonymous

            Because they didn’t have a good reason to wait til September and this year they do. That was tough.

          • kibbles

            a pattern is only a pattern until it isnt.

        • Egads. It was weird for them to release the Verizon iPhone in January. Not good, not bad, just different from how things have been rolling over the last four years. Sure it was on a new carrier but it was for all intents and purposes the same iPhone 4 but released seven months into the cycle.

          I don’t have anything to get over. I’m not upset or sad it’s just a change of what’s been happening and it’s fun to talk about whether it’s a strategic shift to goose holiday sales, late software or late hardware.

          • Anonymous

            Not that weird. If the rumors are true the ATT deal ended in January and they were able to release with another carrier. Why not go ahead and get it out there.

  • Scott

    It doesn’t sound odd that they’d confirm in Korea FIRST, it sounds impossible that they’d confirm it anywhere outside of an Apple event. It would never happen.

  • Anonymous

    Jim, could you please fix the “it’s” in paragraph 3?

    Too many people don’t know or care about the difference, and they should.

    • Anonymous

      The “it’s” is in paragraph 4, not 3.

      Too many people don’t care about the difference, and they should.

      Also, DanielSw, you used primes and double-primes instead of apostrophe and quotation marks. Too many people don’t care about the difference, and they should.

    • Fixed.

      • Anonymous

        You’re welcome! 🙂

        • Mr. Big

          No one thanked you. In fact, no one knew what you were on about until JohnDoey pointed it out.

  • Jim–

    Even IF software was the main focus at WWDC this year, Apple would be foolish and/or stupid to NOT reveal a new iPhone at WWDC, or during the month of June. Besides, there are people (such as myself) who are eligible in June for a new iPhone, or have been eligible for a new iPhone (or a new phone in general) for MONTHS, and Apple’s got so many potential new customers that the reveal of new hardware is almost guaranteed, and any speculation otherwise is misleading at best and speculative at worst.


    • Anonymous

      Whether the next iPhone ships June 27 like last year or August 1st or September 1st makes no difference at all. None. Contracts expire every month, and 95% of iPhone users buy a new iPhone.

  • Anonymous

    …somehow this site knows who I am….

    Anyway, Apple is clearly back to its old way of keeping secrets. I am happy to be completely in the dark and HOPING to get a new iPhone this year. Gizmodo TOTALLY messed it up for me last year when they scooped Apple. But THIS year, it looks like Apple has things under control and has everyone abuzz about this new release. I don’t KNOW if there will be a new phone, but I believe. And THAT is how I want it to be. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    “The Loop first reported last week that Apple would not release any hardware at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference, instead focusing on software. ” That’s understood, and if they need keynote time for Lion intro plus iOS 5 preview it is understandable why they would want to avoid announcing iPhone 5 hardware then as well. Clearly the iPhone 5 would merit its own, personal Apple Event.

    But why would they want to delay the iPhone 5 until the fall? Possibilities include crucial Japanese built components being unavailable or iOS 5 being delayed AND the iPhone 5 being dependent on iOS 5.

    There is a huge possible downside — with a fall intro, not being able to ramp up production to meet demand during the holiday shopping season.

    • If iOS is more cloud-based like we are supposed to believe, keep in mind that Apple’s North Carolina data center has already had a “delay” of 3 months as it was supposed to be operational by the end of last year.

  • Keith

    One more thing!

  • 2007- original iPhone launched, contract-free. 2008- iPhone 3G launched, tied to a 2 year contract. 2009- iPhone 3GS launched- a relatively minor upgrade. 2010- iPhone 4 launched, just as those first 2 year contracts were expiring.

    If you’re looking for patterns, then it makes sense not to have a major new launch for the iPhone 5 this year. And if Apple are thinking about the 2 year contract cycle, then is there a good reason to launch anything at all before summer 2011?

    The smartphone market has only just caught up with Apple – Android is now #1 in the US (and UK.) If Apple wants to move the iPhone from being an expensive, premium device and compete on price (in the way the iPad is), then this summer seems like a good time to drop things down a level.

    So, iPhone 4 dropping to current 3Gs prices, and 3Gs dropping to an even cheaper price point, maybe? (With iOS 5 on all of them…)

    • kibbles

      1) you can get an iphone for, what, $50?

      2) apple is making more money per handset sold than anybody. why would they want to compete on price w/ commodity smartphones?

      • Anonymous

        $50 plus tax on the whole $449 in some states plus 2 years of phone bills.

    • Anonymous

      Actually Scott the iphone 1 was not contract free. Just subsidy free. At first. ATT did the whole $200 rebate thing because it was deemed unfair that folks were stuck on a contract with no “reward”. Especially since the prices were the same as what they were paying under the typical contract rules.

  • How dare Apple confound my desires and expectations!

  • Patricia

    It will be released in June, in Korea… as confirmed… and (as always) slightly before that… a USA release will occur.

  • Oh I remember when I was cool and wrote articles on websites stating rumors for facts. What a load of shit

  • Dr.No

    Jim, If not in June, then tell us if it’s May or July.

  • Anonymous

    Some of this could be a translation and/or semantics games. It is possible that the Korean site actually said it would be announced in June and it was mistranslated. Which is possible, they could announced it any day they want, including June 30th but not release it until a week later which would be ‘not June’.

  • Bad news, hope they will release soon!!..

    • 995412614

      I also wanna an iphone5,but I can’t afford it.It is too expensive in China.

  • We are eagerly waiting for that.. Then when it will launch.. Thanks in advance..

  • Anonymous

    There are a lot of people talking like they work @ Apple. Unless Steve Jobs comes out and says there will be no new iphones coming out this year then I’m still hopeful.

  • Anonymous

    Has anyone looked closely @ the WWDC 2011 invite? I could swear I see a 4G in the background.

  • Leongnicky

    i think wont release on june…bcoz if reli apple wan to make new iphone every years then who will buy??bcoz everybody sure owaz wait for the new iphone rite??tis is jz wat i thinking^^

  • Wasi2quick

    Always the best from boy genius!