∞ Verizon iPhone 4 most acquired handset in February

New data released on Friday shows that Apple’s iPhone 4 on Verizon was the most acquired handset in February.

[ad#Google Adsense 300×250 in story]According to the report released by comScore, the Verizon iPhone helped Apple push its three month average percentage of mobile subscribers up 0.9 percent, the largest of any manufacturer.

According to the data, the top mobile OEM is Samsung with 24.8 percent (up 0.3), LG at 20.9 percent (same as last period), Motorola 16.1 percent ( down 0.9), RIM 8.6 percent (down 0.2) and Apple at 7.5 percent.

Apple and Google made big gains in the top smartphone category, while RIM had the largest fall.

Google now has 33 percent of the market (+7.0), RIM has 28.9 percent (-4.6), Apple has 25.2 percent (+0.2), Microsoft has 7.7 percent (-1.3), and Palm has 2.8 percent (-1.1).

  • Alan Smith

    So Microsoft with only 7% with its phone is supposed to somehow, miraculously take over the market (IDC report)? Even if it partners with loser maker Nokia, so how are two failures supposed to make a hit?

    • Peter Cohen

      “Loser maker Nokia” had – depending on which report you read – either 31 or about 34 percent of the worldwide smartphone market in Q4 2010 – edging out Android, more than twice Apple’s worldwide share, and well more than twice RIM’s.

      Counting out Nokia – despite their sizable challenges – is foolish.

  • Apple’s gain of .9% equates to $1.0 Billion dollars.

    Google, who doesn’t make a phone, has nothing to show for all its gains.