∞ Apple looks to expand AirPlay to stream video onto TV sets

Apple may be looking to expand the reach of its AirPlay technology, allowing users to stream video directly onto their television sets.

[ad#Google Adsense 300×250 in story]The plan would call for Apple to license AirPlay to other companies so they could include it in their devices. Users would then be able stream video from their iPhone and iPads to the TV, according to Bloomberg.

Currently, Apple’s AirPlay requires an Apple TV device to be placed between the iPhone or iPad and the TV set. The audio or video is sent wirelessly to the Apple TV, then displayed on the television screen.

Under the new plan, consumers could bypass the need for an Apple TV.

If Apple decides to go ahead with the plan, Bloomeberg’s unnamed sources say devices equipped with AirPlay could be available this year.

  • Hi Jim,

    Ironically, just yesterday I wrote a piece theorizing that Apple might pursue an Apple TV Inside strategy with TV set makers:

    The Magic Adapter: Apple TV and the Battle for the Living Room http://oreil.ly/gIShlK

    Check it out, if interested.



  • Why bother when there isn’t any programming? How hard can it be. really? Why wasn’t Oscars available or March Madness? Why can’t I stream Justin TV without a jail break. It seems like people who bought into Apple TV are the ones with arrows in their backs.

    • Anonymous

      Quit complaining. “No programming”? Wrong. Plenty of original and personal video can be “AirPlayed” from iOS devices direct to AirPlay-enabled TV’s and devices.

      Again, Apple is taking the initiative and getting there “first” with its ideas and products.

  • Anonymous

    Although this is a nice feature to contemplate, I find the Apple TV 2 approach to be more flexible. If the ATV2 had an HDMI pass-through for my cable DVR, I’d buy one for every TV in the house. One input to rule them all!