∞ NY Times offers long time subscribers one-year free for Web, iPhone, iPad

The New York Times has been criticized since it announced pricing for its online and mobile editions, but the newspaper is making moves to draw users in.

[ad#Google Adsense 300×250 in story]On Tuesday, the New York Times began emailing some of its long time users offering them a plan that will be hard to refuse. The new plan will give users a free one-year subscription for the Web and a mobile app, including the iPhone and iPad apps.

The customer I spoke with has been a subscriber for 12 years and received the email this afternoon. He said he took The Times up on the offer and accepted the one-year free.

In the email The Times says “as a frequent reader of NYTimes.com, you’ve demonstrated an uncommon interest in a wide variety of today’s most important topics.” The email and subscription is being sponsored by Lincoln.

The email says the offer does not include the e-reader editions, Premium Crosswords or The New York Times Crosswords apps.

On March 28, The New York Times will go live with its pay wall requiring users to have one of three digital news packages — $15 every four weeks for access to the Web site and a mobile phone app (or $195 for a full year), $20 for Web access and an iPad app ($260 a year) or $35 for an all-access plan ($455 a year).

  • LIke a lot of other pundits, I think The Times is confusing people will all these different options, pricing tiers, what you get for what amount, etc. I think the Times is going to find that people will take the route of not paying because it’s simpler…

  • I was one of those who got that Email today – and signed up for the Deal

    Appreciate it Lincoln and NY Times, tyvm

    Always a pleasure to read real Journalism


    Speaking of which …

    Jim Dalrymple – whoa, you’re still alive ? (smile)

    One of the few ‘tech writers’ who knows ‘tech’ and ‘writing’

    And happy to find you again – Nice Site too

    I’ll be back

    Thanks, BC

  • ezsny

    I received this free offer too, but it excludes access to the NY Times iPad app. It does include access to the NY Times iPhone app.

  • I was puzzled on why I was offered the free subscription. Thanks for the explanation!

  • Rob

    Hmm. Been reading the NYT for many many years, but didn’t get a mail. Probably because they don’t value customers from outside the US? I was going to subscribe to their $20, but having 2nd thoughts now…

  • JB

    Your article fails to note that the WSJ has been doing this ever since it’s iPad version was introduced. As a print subscriber, I get the iPad version as well as online access free.

  • $195 per year for web-only is not going to make it. The wall is in the $50 – 70 range.