∞ Twitter updates iPhone app fixing the QuickBar

Twitter on Wednesday updated its iPhone app, fixing a feature included in last week’s update, called the QuickBar.

[ad#Google Adsense 300×250 in story]The QuickBar or dickbar as John Gruber calls it, put a translucent bar over the tweet timeline with trending topics. Sometimes those topics would be paid ads, other times they were not.

Regardless, people were very upset with how it worked. It led many users to explore other apps, leaving Twitter’s official app.

The new QuickBar is at the very top of the timeline, so it doesn’t interfere with viewing your tweets at all.

Twitter 3.3.1 for iPhone can be downloaded from the App Store.

  • Did Twitter just pull a Facebook? (Two steps past unacceptable …one step back to quell complaints)

    Wondering if this is becoming a legitimate tactic for online services. Would make it look like you are listening to your user base AND you get what you wanted without really having compromise. Also, if the backlash never occurs you could get more than you originally planned on.

  • Cel

    Im leaving this app. No need for it. And very clutter feel.

  • The Dickbar isn’t quite as dickish, but this update has broken Text Expander support and Location Services are now always on despite my settings.

    May Tweetbot save us from this (now) awful app!

  • Anonymous

    I’m waiting to hear what the beard decides to do about it.

  • Anonymous

    I left the Official Twitter app a long time ago. I actually found that using Flipboard for my twitters was much more enjoyable. Especially after they updated it to allow viewing twitter lists.

    but yes I would have been pissed about that bar. I hate that kind of crap