∞ No iOS 4.3 update coming today

Reports have been circulating that iOS 4.3 would be released today, but that’s not going to happen.

[ad#Google Adsense 300×250 in story]When iOS was introduced during Steve Jobs’ keynote unveiling the iPad, Apple said the mobile operating system would be released on March 11 — the same day the iPad is released. However, I don’t believe that’s the case either.

The speculation of iOS coming early seems to be solid, it’s just the day that’s off. If I were sitting waiting for iOS 4.3 to hit, I’d be ready tomorrow.

iOS 4.3 has plenty of new features including the Nitro JavaScript engine, which will increase Safari Web browsing speeds, iTunes Home Sharing, and enhancements to AirPlay.

One feature that many people are interested in is the Personal Hotspot used for sharing the cell signal over Wi-Fi.

  • Bostonmerlin

    to boast a statement like that with nothing to back it up is absurd.

    • Steven Fisher

      Let’s review: – Jim says no update. – You say he doesn’t back it up, so it’s an absurd statement. – You did so at 10:20 AM, 20 minutes after the update was supposed to appear. Only it didn’t.

      Point: Jim.

  • STL

    Jim has a pretty good track record

  • Anonymous

    I agree with Jim. My iTunes has been showing that it is not going to check for another update until the 9th, for several days now.

    • Anonymous

      itunes always shows a date a week from the last check you made. it doesn’t know ahead of time when updates will appear.

      I believe you can change the frequency of the update check though.

  • Samson

    bogus report/rumor.. this is done just to keep traffic going in this site pffft!!!

    • Peter Cohen

      No, the other sites reported it to keep traffic going. Jim posted this to inform, wiseass.

      • Samson

        Chill baldy, All im saying is why inform something insubstantial.

  • BGR = Bad Guess, Really!

    Well at least there are a lot of folks who have backed & synced up their iOS devices.



  • Dshanah

    Why would Apple release it early? If Jobs says the 11th then I say believe him. The question is will it be released on the 11th local time all round the world (i.e. The 10th US time for some places like NZ and Australia)? That might explain the early release rumours.

    • Steven Fisher

      I don’t know why Apple would release early, but they’ve done so in the past.

  • Anonymous

    wow, i like this idea dude


  • Anonymous

    And be careful, there will probably be an update again right after iPad2 ships to fix bugs with it 8)

  • Tavolio

    just because Itunes says next check on the 9???? always give days in advance as next check… why the need of spreading rumors on the web, lose al credibility and look like liars… another site that I will not review in the future because of the BS the publish…

    • Tavolio

      and maybe tomorrow, OHHH nooooo, maybe the day after tomorrow, and this will be the 11th, and then on saturday, Muclenerd will say that they will wait for the 4.5 OS to release the unlock… Because they do not want to Burn the exploit…. looks like a pattern now…

  • onemanandhisdog

    its available now – just downloading it

  • STL

    Another chalk mark for Jim

  • Mzuniga123

    I am having trouble updating to iOS 4.3. It gets stuck at about 60% on my iphone. Does anybody know why?