∞ Apple announces iPad 2 event for March 2

Apple on Wednesday sent an invitation to media inviting them to a special event on March 2 in San Francisco, Calif.

[ad#Google Adsense 300×250 in story]According to the invitation received by The Loop, the event will be held at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts at 10:00 am. This is the same venue Apple has used to introduce a number of products in recent years.

Speculation of an Apple event first broke yesterday in a day that was filled with rumors that the iPad 2 would be delayed until June.

Two separate reports said the iPad 2 and iPhone 5 would be delayed, but The Loop was able to independently confirm that these rumors were false.

While specs of the iPad 2 are a tightly guarded secret, it is widely thought the device will feature a front-facing camera with FaceTime video support and be thinner than its predecessor.

The Loop will be at the event and will bring you live coverage.

  • So the event is March 2 and clearly has a focus on the iPad 2, but it could be just to announce that the iPad 2 is delayed until July or September or February 2012, right?


    • Anonymous

      umm.. NO.. why hold an event to say its delayed.. and hamper iPad 1 sales ?? trust me..its coming .. maybe even launching by march 10th -15th..

    • Anonymous

      Okay Siegler, what have you done with Chartier?

    • I took it to mean they were going to say “it’s selling fine, we’re not going to make any changes right now.”

    • The Cappy

      @David Chartier Like they called the press together to talk about how the white iPhone was delayed?

      • The Cappy

        Sorry. I missed the sarcasm. My bad.

    • Anonymous

      Delayed implies that they announced an earlier date. If they always intended to release it in the summer then it is not delayed.

      That aside, I think they will announce the details of the device, then the wifi only will go on sale anywhere from ‘tomorrow’ to ‘X date in two weeks’ with online pre-orders and reservations starting a few days to a week before (that date also announced). And then the 3g version, which needs to clear the FCC will come in a month or two, that date also announced. The clearance application would be public info and ‘leak’ info. And we know how Jobs and Apple feel about that.

  • The non-sharpness of the iPad in the invite image points to no retina display. Which is great, I don’t have to buy one. 🙂

    • Anonymous

      Jim do we know if that is the actual size of the graphic sent out in the invitation? It looks like it was scaled up a bit.

      • You know what, I think you’re right. The system scaled it up when it posted.

    • Apple always use their current products in promotional materials for events that may feature a product that replaces the product in said promotional material. They did this for the launch of iPhone 4, using an image of iPhone 3GS in the invite.

    • would you really be able to tell the difference from a photo of the type of display that is then rendered on a website and then displayed on your computer screen, different LCD’s represent image clarity and color differently

      think watchin and HDTV commercial on a standard def tv…can you really tell the difference?

  • Anonymous

    Nice, now thats what I am talking about dude. Well done.


  • Nouf-1990

    ًgoood am so glad for i pad 2. I hope so change

  • finally! its about time

    • Fddfjhfds

      Fucking asshole

  • macyourdaddy

    Haven’t you guys noticed the buttons is on the right side ? on top in the power button ?

    • Theijcap

      it was always on the right

      • macyourdaddy

        oh my bad

  • I’m going to miss the rabid rumors on this one. No, I’m not.

  • The tablet wars have begun. Simply by making this publicly I am sure that Apple is heavily negatively impacting the sales of the Xoom.

    • I don’t think Motorola needs any help in negatively impacting the sales of the Xoom. Considering they’re releasing a device that can’t read its own product website makes me think they’ve got that covered.

      • MTP

        Somewhat like this page, which always terminates Safari on my iPad:


      • Anonymous

        That and the whole attempt to force folks to sign up for 3g on a no contract buy, just to use the wifi. Apparently that whole stunt was pulled but it probably left a bad taste behind

  • radicalipodtouch

    When is 4.3 coming out

  • jacymose

    Wow it’s great news at least my wait towards the Ipad 2 is over i am really looking forwards to attend out the event that to be held out on March 2…

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  • Wow… This is great!

  • shleegoo

    Wow, now what will likely encounter, and we quietly wait for it, so it is better.