∞ HP hires former Apple exec to head up developer relations

HP on Wednesday announced a number of new products, including a tablet to compete with Apple, but the company had one more surprise up its sleeve — a new hire.

[ad#Google Adsense 300×250 in story]I heard from a friend during the event that HP had hired Richard Kerris as its new vice president of Worldwide Developer Relations. I was unable to confirm the news, but this morning MobileCrunch, who were at the event, had confirmation.

At Apple Kerris was the Senior Director for Apple’s Worldwide Developer Relations, so he knows the developer world and what it takes to work with them.

For the past few years Kerris was the CTO of Lucasfilm.

Of course, Kerris joins Jon Rubinstein as former Apple executives currently working for HP. Rubinstein is the senior vice president and general manager for the Palm Global Business Unit at HP.

  • Very smart move on their side.

    The way I see it, HP is getting back into this business lasers blazing. They, of all companies trying to compete in this market, have identified what it takes to go against the current market leader: Great hardware; an equally great OS, with a polished UI; a unified experience for both consumers and developers.

    I’ve always been quite partial towards Palm products and I’ve owned my fair share of HP/Compaq Pocket PCs, so I wish them the best.

    • Ben

      How can you say things like “Great hardware; an equally great OS, with a polished UI; a unified experience for both consumers and developers.” ??? Unless you’re talking about the Pre 2? Or somehow you have gotten your hands on a TouchPad before everyone else? Because saying things like that based on a demo is a bit disingenuous. The hardware may have impressive specs, but that doesn’t necessarily make it “great”. WebOS a great OS? Is that why I’ve only ever seen ONE Pre in the wild? And I’m not even sure what you mean by a “unified experience”. Unified how?

      I’m not saying your comments aren’t valid, but on what are you basing them? It’s like the people who said the iPhone would be a dud before they even used one. You can’t say that HP’s upcoming products are great, either, unless you’ve actually used them. ?

  • Anonymous

    I was under the impression that for years Apple didn’t quite treat developers as well as they could have. But I doubt that’s the case for the past few years. It will be interesting to see if they can make something of this hire. Just because he worked well at one location doesn’t mean he can at HP. The culture there is way different than Apple’s or Lucasfilm’s campuses.

  • Anonymous

    Palm Blew it. Palm3 was a great OS for the time. But then moving onto the faster ARM processors, they continued to run stuff through emulation, causing Palm3.x devices IO to external cards etc suck, then they sold out and made Windows phones, right at the time when they had fixed most of the performance glitches in the treo, then gave the game away to iPhone, then stopped making possibly their boldest product the Folio, which could have been the first companion device like what Blackberry are planning now, then gave up on selling outside the uS, then gave up full stop. The pre had to be BETTER than iPhone to win, not just-as-good. It wasn’t, and couldn’t be bought in most places around the world anyway. Apple won because their approach was global. They said when they would ship world wide, they did so, and now own half the market. Sad, because I really like Palm 8(