∞ CDMA iPhone 4 cheaper to make than GSM model

I think we all knew that there would be some changes to the iPhone 4 CDMA model (besides the obvious chip differences). Well, it seems that technology comes at a cost. In a recent teardown and cost analysis, iSuppli says the new iPhone 4 is cheaper to manufacture than the GSM model.

The latest version of the iPhone 4 carries a BOM of $171.35, down from $187.51 for the previous model, based on a preliminary pricing estimate issued in June. When manufacturing expenses are added, the total production cost for the CDMA iPhone 4 amounts to $178.45.

Apple Reduces Build Cost of CDMA iPhone With Design Tweaks [Mac Rumors]

  • That’s quite interesting news, but I’d appreciate some kind of “iSupply purports…” or “according to iSupply’s estimated production cost” before the quote.

    This company is piecing together unsubstantiated numbers and selling them as close estimates, having close to no idea about the supply chains of he companies they analyse.

    I only nit-pick because I care about The Loop.

  • How often has iSupply been vindicated as accurate about their claims of Apple component pricing?