∞ Microsoft considers Office on Mac App Store

Microsoft on Thursday said it hasn’t ruled out bringing Office to Apple’s newly released Mac App Store.

[ad#Google Adsense 300×250 in story]Speaking with AllThingsD, Microsoft’s Amanda Lefebvre said the Mac App Store is something they are looking at. She said they haven’t ruled it out as an option, but they would “have to see how that relates to our business.”

It seems there may be more to consider than just whether Microsoft wants to sell Office in the Mac App Store. Apple has some stringent rules for what it will allow in its store.

If Apple were to allow Microsoft into the Mac App Store without passing all of the same tests that other developers must go through, the outcry would most certainly cause some problems.

For now, we sit and wait.

  • Daemons be gone!

  • Wouldn’t App Store placement also do away with Microsoft’s half-assed AutoUpdate? That’d be a positive.

  • His Shadow

    “How it relates to their business”? Microsoft is damnded software company! While Microsoft sits around and ponders, the world passes it by. Any (and I mean every because that’s what happened) company with any interest in raising it’s profile, advancing it’s technology and making money delivered apps for the iPhone. Subsequent versions of iOS allowed testing, extension, adjustment and expansion of well received apps. When the iPad debuted, companies that had poured resources into the iOS were rewarded with a rocket ride on a new platform that is again changing the nature of mobile computing.

    Where is the worlds largest software company? Sitting on the sidelines with it’s thumb up it’s ass, wondering whether to board the train that left the station 3 and a half years ago.

  • Chichaynabo

    Well, Microsoft has to ponder giving Apple that 30% of payments and control of its relationship with its customers. For biggie companies with an eSales system already in place, the App Store isn’t that attractive at all.

  • Artie

    I can’t see how paying 30% to Apple is a big deal; after all, they allow retailers to sell their software, and they must get a similar cut. Maybe more of a concern is that Apple allows you to install software bought from the App Sore on all your Macs, while MS has a fussy quota system on installs.