∞ Developers share hard sales numbers on Mac App Store games

Developers using the Unity engine have been sharing sales numbers since the store went online, and the results are illuminating, although they paint a very different picture of the stratospheric numbers of apps downloaded on the iOS App Store during its early days.

[ad#Google Adsense 300×250 in story]In many cases, developers are experimenting with prices on their products, offering temporary price changes to try to boost visibility and move sales.

Developers report sales in many cases of the dozens or hundreds per day; StuntMANIA from Australian developer Sector3 was particularly hot, with sales averaging more than seven hundred units per day in the two weeks after the Mac App Store’s launch. StuntMANIA is a 3D car stunt RC driving game complete with gamepad support.

4×4 Offroad Racing, currently a dollar buy, averaged about 254 sales a day during the two weeks after launch.

Developers have much milder expectations of sales of Mac App Store games, compared to the gold rush of iOS apps during the iOS App Store’s early days. Modest uptake to Mac OS X 10.6.6, a prerequisite for Mac App Store access, is cited as one possible reason.

Update: Changed the sales of 4×4 Offroad racing from 254 sales to 254 per day. 9:27 am PT

  • 12 year old kids don’t have Mac’s, they have iPod touches. Don’t expect dollar games to sell like crazy on a full blown computer. That’s ridiculous.

  • Agree with Alex. Out of the half dozen apps I’ve purchased/downloaded so far, they have all been business related. I don’t see games driving the numbers in terms of app sales.

    • Peter Cohen

      Games make up the single biggest percentage of apps on the Mac App Store, for whatever that’s worth.

  • Except Angry Birds which is ridiculously downloaded (not that I don’t like it). :))

  • Steve Chavez

    Hey… I enjoy jumping on my mac and playing a game here and there. Ones that I can control from my iphone… even better! If they’re cheap to buy and I can play them on all of my macs…. How could I refuse??!! and i’m an old fart!

  • Anonymous

    I would definitely say that 10.6 penetration and different demographics are the main reasons for the different sales landscape.

    In other news, that awful pop-over ad you’ve got running for Dragon Dictate is seriously starting to annoy my tits off.