∞ Drive Genius 3.1 adds Live Defrag

Prosoft Engineering on Tuesday released an update to its hard drive utility, Drive Genius, adding Live Defrag.

[ad#Google Adsense 300×250 in story]Typically, when you want to defragment your boot hard drive, you need to boot from the utilities DVD and then do the defrag. Live Defrag does away with that and allows you to defrag the boot drive without restarting.

“Booting from the DVD has long been one of the cumbersome steps involved to defrag,” said Greg Brewer, CEO of Prosoft Engineering. “Now users can simply install it as an application and efficiently begin improving the performance of their hard drives.”

More information on Drive Genius and the various utilities included in the package is available from the company’s Web site.

  • desertrat1033

    While it is a welcome new feature to Drive Genius, live defragmentation has been present before on the Mac in the form of Intech’s SpeedTools utility suite for many years. It cannot, however, defrag specific open files. Perhaps this is what Drive Genius is now offering. Regardless, it should be much less cumbersome than attempting to perform defragmentation with TechTool Pro.

    Strangely, live defragmentation has been standard on Windows for some time. For example, the built-in Windows defragmentation tool as well as various third-party utilities, such as the excellent and free Defraggler from Piriform, work fine on the booted system.

    But with SSDs and modern operating systems like Mac OS X, it seems defragmentation could slowly become irrelevant.

  • Jim

    Yes but, for files under 20MB, OS X already does live defragmentation, so the age old discussion as to whether any defragmentation is necessary is always there.