∞ Verizon announces iPhone 4 – event live update

Verizon announced on Tuesday that the iPhone 4 is coming to its CDMA network in early February, and here’s our live coverage from the event.

The updates are posted in reverse chronological order — newest updates on top.

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  • Guest

    what’s up there? tell us!

  • Guest

    iphone 5 release? take pic’s of it!

  • Anonymous

    Glad that you got it correct, it is Verizon’s event. One of the financial reporters on TV said that it was Apple who is having the event. Furthermore it was reported as fact that it was the the iPhone coming to Verizon. It probably is going to be iPhone related, but they should report rumor as rumor.

    Well in a little over 4 hours the long national nightmare may be over.

  • Jim I’m glad to see that your iPhone alarm clock worked well enough that you got to the event on time!

  • oops, I meant Peter.

    • LOL. I made sure to have backup, just in case. 😀

  • Anonymous


    Wait, I hate Verizon.

    Verizon sucks!

  • Anonymous

    “Cook deflects a question about the actual user experience of a CDMA iPhone not being able to access voice and data simultaneously, but reiterated that questions about Verizon availability were the number one question.”

    For some people that may not be a problem, for others, including me, it is.

    • Indeed. I think it’s a bigger deal for customers already used to the way GSM phones work; for Verizon’s existing user base, it’s a limitation they already live with.

  • I’m excited for iOS Devs being able to tap a whole new network of users.

  • Awesomeness, again!

  • Smallfolk

    Interesting how the “Will tethering and the WiFi Hotspot cost extra?” question was deflected. Does that mean “Yep, we’re gonna charge you like crazy for that option, so we’re going to wait and announce that later, so we don’t ruin our big exciting announcement.” ??

    • Anonymous

      Well they are a business and as such are supposed to make a profit.


    • Anonymous

      It is a Verizon iPhone and can’t do data and voice concurrently. 🙂