∞ iLife '11 from the App Store excludes iWeb, iDVD

As many could have predicted, Apple’s iLife ’11 is available through the new Mac App Store, which launched on Thursday. But iWeb and iDVD are nowhere to be found.

[ad#Google Adsense 300×250 in story]When Apple introduced iLife ’11 in October, 2010, the company offered major upgrades to iPhoto, GarageBand and iMovie. The two other apps included with the package – iWeb and iDVD – were left moribund; although included with the other apps on the iLife ’11 installation DVD, they were left at the same version numbers as the previous iLife release.

iWeb is used to create Web pages using pre-designed templates. iDVD lets you burn professional-looking DVDs containing movies and slideshows.

While Apple acknowledges that both applications are included with iLife ’11, and maintains Web pages outlining those apps’ features, neither app’s Web page is actually included in the iWeb ’11 navigation bar on Apple’s Web site.

Now, further evidence of those apps’ moribund status is present on the App Store. Apple makes no mention of them on the Mac App Store’s iLife ’11 page at all, and a search of the Mac App Store returns no hits for either iDVD or iWeb.

  • Rm2

    Maybe iWeb underperformed in the marketplace?

    • I’m not so sure “underperformed” was the problem as much as “went underutilized.” Semantics, I guess – it’s the same in the end.

  • Zeetree

    So I am unclear – do you actually KNOW that the package one would purchase and download does NOT include iWeb or IDVD (presumably by purchasing iLife 11 via the app store) or are you simply guessing because there is no overt mention or promotion for those two apps? If you do not actually know this to be true then you need to correct your headline and article to reflect this.

    • You know, rather than criticizing me, you can actually verify it for yourself: Just fire up the Mac App Store and check the iLife ’11 page, which is featured on the Mac App Store’s home page quite prominently.

      Each application is available for separate purchase and download from the Mac App Store. iWeb and iDVD are not available. See for yourself.

    • VonRutter

      This article also ignores the fact that there is absolutely no reason to have iWeb or iDVD on the Mac App Store. The most up-to-date versions are already included in Snow Leopard, which is the only version of Mac OS X that supports the Mac App Store. The only reason to put iWeb & iDVD on the Mac App Store right now is “just in case” someone hadn’t updated either one in a long time. Since zero people would buy this software — everyone who can run the Mac App Store already owns it — there is no reason to expect to see it on the Mac App Store.

      • Jim

        Uhh. No. iDVD is not included in Snow Leopard. None of the iLife apps are included.

      • VonRutter: The Snow Leopard upgrade certainly DOES NOT include iLife ’11, which came out in October 2010. While all Macs that have shipped since the iLife ’11 release have it, there are certainly a lot of Macs that don’t. And that doesn’t take into consideration the millions of Intel-based Macs that were released prior to Snow Leopard which could also be upgraded.

      • maciekskontakt

        “Just in case” means that some older people in remote places of this world do have DVD player, but they care least about newest distribution technologies like iCloud. DVD authoring to creat family videos for people alike are a must, don’t you agree?

        I wish there was iDVD on Mac App Store even if I had to pay that $14.99 or $19.99 just like for iMovie, iPhoto and Garageband from iLife ‘111 I could (lthough I would never pay for mediocre iPhoto as Fotomagico Pro works much better for me)

  • I recently bought the hardcopy version and iWeb and iDVD isn’t on the disc. After install I have v3.0.2 (489) of iWeb.

    it could be an upgraded version and I just don’t know it? Maybe some here not running iLife ’11 could verify that.

    • Interesting! My hard copy does – I got it on the day of release. I wonder if it’s an inline change they’ve made? Hm – I’ll have to do some checking. Thanks for the info.

    • Ordiraptus

      I have ilife 3.0.4.

  • I bought this Mac in September 2007. It came with OSX 10.4 (was that Tiger?) the shop provided me with Leopard to install and I upgraded to Snow Leopard last year. If I have v3.0.2 of iWeb then it could only have come from the iLife ’11 I bought recently (I’m sure) as I’ve never bought iLife. I hardly pay attention when installing stuff. Click accept and go and make coffee is more my philosophy these days.

  • J687simmons

    Does i-life 11 include i-web at all? Even the 09 version?

    • Peter Cohen

      Yes. And new Macs continue to ship with iWeb pre-installed.

  • Ninhas Machado

     I bought a new MacBookPro with Lion pre-installed and it didn’t have iWeb or iDVD. 🙁

  • Ninhas

    If someone knows how I can get those two programs please tell.

  • Collaredkeeper

    its  a joke, little things like this just make owning a mac a complete hassle. Everything just seems to be a scam or some dodgy way of selling products. Two examples, IDVD appearing all over the apple pages as some amazing product (which didn’t come with my iLife11 computer I just purchased  but appears on the web as if it did) and the stupid $100 “My Apple” store gift card that can only be used on your itunes account and not “The Appe” store online. I really don’t even touch the apple side of my computer anymore (only for photoshop and a few other programs)….just so much more efficient using windows 7.

  • Collaredkeeper

    To finish this rant….and about 45min of waiting for someone from apple to give me the answer…IDVD is no longer for lion, dont buy Ilife, and “buy a 3rd party software” as your macintosh does not come with any proper way of burning a structured dvd. 

    • Steve Patterson

      And yet… the Apple web site does state that iDVD is part of iLife’11, and that iLife’11 is included on all new iMacs.  Bought one in December.  No iDVD.  If I bought a car that promised power windows as standard equipment, but had none, that would be fraud.  So’s this.  I’m going back to the Apple store tomorrow to ask them about it, and then I guess it’s time to file an FTC complaint.  I do like the iMac, but it fails at one of the major tasks it was purchased for, and that’s just not right.

  • Ordiraptus

    I have persistantly used Macintosh since 1987 and now is the first time I am beinning to question my choice. Did all sense go with Steve Jobs? i e is there nobody else with some sense in his/her head at that firm?

  • Joy

    i just bought a macbook air….no iWeb, no iDVD.  So what am I to do?

    • guest

      Listen to music and watch rented movies 😉 … although you iPod ouch or iPad would be enough for this. Unfortunatlley software development division in Apple moved probably to India… and now nobody cares about quality or customer at all. Money is the only important factor – just rude world of values where Apple did not start, but now it seems to end in such a place. I am willing to pay more… just for availability and quality.So i need competent people at Apple… and especially in software department. (not so called “competent” – BTW I ahave been software engineer for 20 years mentoring young engineers now and I know what QA is in big corporations)

  • Aronlinston

    Where do we download iweb the for osx lion users????

  • Storybox

    And now, iCloud won’t host your iWeb site even if you have it. Least, I can’t find a way of doing it. Why have they stopped iWeb and iDVD? Surely these were very popular apps that worked well with each other and the rest of iLife etc. Not sure what they are up to but it’s caused me a lot of stress. I cloud looks great otherwise.