∞ Microsoft to challenge Apple TV with new set-top box

Microsoft may be ready to unveil a competitor for the Apple TV at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

[ad#Google Adsense 300×250 in story]The new Windows TV will feature a stripped down version of Windows specifically designed for set-top boxes, according to a report on the Seattle Times. The software will reportedly use Microsoft’s Windows Media Center interface, which the company has used for many years in its Media Center Windows versions.

The new boxes from Microsoft will cost around $200, which seems to be a hefty price, very similar to that of the old Apple TV price.

With the release of its new Apple TV in September 2010, Apple lowered the price of its device to $99. However, Apple also turned the Apple TV into a streaming only device and did away with the hard drive-based units.

  • “We’re early!”

  • Media center is pretty powerful and good but the UI sucks as does the DRM and MSFT doesn’t get it.

  • Slaws

    I thought xBox was their set top box. What is the point of this device?

  • Nick

    Always a source of entertainment to see just how lame MS can make ANOTHER product that copies ANOTHER product with tons of lead time….is this their Apple TV/Roku “killer?”

    I see bad fonts and icons…horrible UI…all the stuff this company just can’t seem to get together. Can’t they hire a good graphics person? UI specialist? Why is their stuff so damn FUGLY?


  • Vamsmack

    This is like the courier tablet.

    Ballmer will come out touting the “Microsoft Windows 7 Television and Movie Watching Device 2.3” is the best of it’s kind out there and users will have the option of the Starter, Basic, Home Basic, Home Starter, Standard, Premium, Enterprise and Enterprise plus models. Of course they will then have the option of 32 or 64 bit. When they figure out the difference between the 16 different models Microsoft will forget to ship any of these and this will turn into just more vapourware.