∞ Bodega App Store expects to thrive with launch of Mac App Store

Bodega, an application that allows developers to sell their products through its storefront, launched in 2009 and sees great things in the future, even with the launch of the Mac App Store coming this week.

[ad#Google Adsense 300×250 in story]Many people have wondered and speculated on the future of Bodega ever since Apple announced the Mac App Store. For the first time, Bodega is giving its views on the situation.

“Bodega is not going anywhere,” said Bodega Senior Product Designer Phil Letourneau. “It will continue to grow in terms of developers and customers coming into Bodega.”

While the Mac App Store may have taken some users by surprise, the folks at Bodega weren’t surprised at all. They expected Apple would launch the store at some point.

“It’s obvious the Mac App Store has been in the stars for quite a while — it was just a matter of time before they [Apple] did it,” said Ed Prasek, Spin Studio, LLC, Director of Bodega Product Marketing. “iTunes, iPhone App Store, iPad App Store — of course it was going to happen.”

Bodega doesn’t see the Mac App Store as competition. In fact, they see their business thriving with the release of the Mac App Store because Apple is bringing a lot of attention to the platform.

“The Mac App Store, just like Bodega, is another channel opportunity for consumers to buy products,” said Prasek.

There is no rule in the Mac App Store that says developers can’t sell their products online at their Web sites or with another service like Bodega. Obviously developers want to have their product for sale in as many places as possible, so Bodega and the Mac App Store are just two more places for that too happen.

Bodega Store

“Apple is putting a huge spotlight on the concept of electronic software delivery and that is going to be good for everyone,” said Prasek. “It’s not a matter of the Mac App Store or Bodega, or any other channel opportunity for that matter. They can all coexist.”

Letourneau even sees some advantages that his app has over the Mac App Store.

Letourneau said Bodega gives developers access to sales and customer information for each product sale occurring through Bodega; no restrictions on how developers issue product upgrades or updates; and developers pay 7 percent, instead of the 30 percent that Apple takes. A full list is available from the Bodega Web site.

Only time will tell how this will all work out, but it seems Bodega has a good attitude and plan moving forward.

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