∞ Apple service provider sues customer for complaining

An authorized Apple reseller and service provider in Greece is suing one of its customers after he publicly complained about the company’s service.

[ad#Google Adsense 300×250 in story]Dimitris Papadimitriadis said Systemgraph recommended an interior and exterior cleaning of his iMac, and a new LCD panel, after he took it to the company because of some dark spots he noticed on the screen, according to CNET.

Unfortunately, when he got the computer back, he said it was in worse condition than when he took it in to be serviced. System graph refused to give Papadimitriadis a refund or replacement.

Papadimitriadis posted his story on a forum, describing Systemgraph’s work as “dodgy,” but there doesn’t seem to be anything more slanderous than that.

Systemgraph sued the customer for 200,000 Euros or about $267,000.

  • hopefully losing their “authorized” status in 3…2…1…

    • You are also now being sued.

      • Anonymous

        everyone gets a lawsuit

    • Anonymous

      Maybe, maybe not.

      Perhaps this company has never had a complaint filed before against them. Perhaps the issue with the computer was something that might have actually be customer caused but they repaired it anyway. After all, they did recommend cleaning it inside and out. Maybe this guy was a chain smoker and there was nicotine damage everywhere. We don’t have photos to see what was up. Nor do we have anything to verify the actual condition when the good doctor picked it back up. We only have his statement.

      And it would be rather shitty of Apple to drop them over this if there is no actual proof of fault and this could be just a case of an annoying, loud, self entitled jerk making noise.

  • Danielsw

    Of course, many facts seem to be missing from the article, but what ever happened to, “The customer is always right?”

    • Anonymous

      It went out the window when problem customers came in the door. I don’t mean the customer with a problem, but the customer who is the problem.

      • Agree with Perry here. “The customer is always right” is horsecrap.

        Having said that, suing your customers for badmouthing you is obviously a good way to alienate more than just the guy you’re suing.

        • Anonymous

          perhaps. but when you tried to make good on what happened, which may or may not have been your fault at all and the customer makes unreasonable demands and then bad mouths you for not giving in, what else can you do.

          there are holes in the story and various versions going around but it seems that this customer was offered a second repair at no cost to him but declared that he didn’t trust the company. Instead of using the law to demand his repair cost back, apparently he demanded that they buy him a whole new computer for what was just an LCD issue. The company refused saying that the computer wasn’t bought through them so they woudn’t/couldnt replace it. Perhaps the law was on their side for this. Or perhaps Apple would have sent a replacement for repeated repairs for the same issue but when they tried to explain this to the customer he wouldn’t have it and wanted his brand new machine now. (which might have even been better than what he bought if that one was old enough)

          And remember that the claims of ‘his language isn’t rude or offensive’ are suspect because we are looking at a translated document. Sometimes you can have two words that translate to the same thing but one has a nasty connotation that is only known to those that know the language. for all we know, he totally cussed them out in his posts. Perhaps did so to their faces as well. Who knows.

  • Vamsmack

    Could have been worse. He could have got a PC back.

    • Cinema

      Great point.

  • Anonymous

    something else that has me curious. This customer it seems went to some city office for help. Consumer protection or some such. But he wasn’t happy with the results.

    But how does that work. did they look into it and decide that the service company didn’t do anything wrong and didn’t owe him a new computer. Did they refuse to look into it. Did they say they would but it would take several weeks for an answer and he refused to wait and simply went public.

    If they had the power to say the company was not at fault and the guy wouldn’t take that answer, it puts things in a different light.