∞ RIM CEO: PlayBook is 'well ahead' of iPad

The back-and-forth battles between Apple and RIM are going to be epic soon, if they aren’t already. Today’s rant by RIM co-CEO Jim is another chapter in the battle.

[ad#Google Adsense 300×250 in story]Responding to a question from Rod Hall of JP Morgan during the company’s earnings call, Balsillie said “there’s a lot of moving parts, but I think we’re just well ahead on the PlayBook, well ahead internationally, and extending very very well.”

Business Insider transcribed Hall’s question and Balsillie’s response, so you can head over there and read it in its entirety, but let me paraphrase a couple of points.

Hall’s basic question was “The PlayBook [tablet] is kind of a me-too device, because there are already products out there. You’re playing catch-up a little bit on the touch interface.”

Balsillie responded:

“I think the PlayBook redefines what a tablet should do. I think we’ve articulated some elements of it, and I think this idea of a proprietary SDK and unnecessary apps — though there’s a huge role for apps — I think is going to shift in the market, and I think it’s going to shift very, very quickly. And I think there’s going to be a strong appetite for web fidelity and tool familiarity.”


“So, I think the PlayBook clearly sets the bar WAY higher on performance, and you’re going to see more. I think the enterprise stuff, we’re seriously extending. I think the BlackBerry is still number one in social collaboration. And I think with the PlayBook and that environment we’re going to set the new standard on performance and tools, very powerful tools. And we’re growing very very fast. So, that’s a lot.”

There’s lots more, but those are the highlights for me.

  • Dan

    So, they’re way ahead, but they just haven’t set that standard yet?? But they will?? Huh???

    • Well, they are way ahead and haven’t released anything yet 🙂

      • Probably also way ahead in cocaine consumption, just like the crowd aim at catering to; American Psycho style yuppies who obsess over business cards.

        I’d like to break this to Balsillie in person: You’re not setting any standards, not not ahead of anybody (not even Microsoft, and they’re late to the game), or in terms he can understand: Your company’s current position along the Porter Curve is “Stuck in the Middle”.

  • Melbuckpitt

    All at RIM should just get their heads down, keep their mouths shut and deliver their vision, bragging about vapourware only damages the future and does not right the wrongs of the past.

  • Vamsmack

    Social Collaboration used to be called Team Work….

    This is entirely stupid. I am releasing the EnderlePad it had 20 USB ports, runs dual 8 core westmere processors with 32 GB of RAM and an SD card slot and also it will Have Flash but still have a 20 hour battery life.


  • Zzz

    They (RIM) are being lapped by Apple so they think they are way ahead?

  • Mike Adornetto

    Balsillie is a tool, I’ve been reading his various comments for the last couple weeks. He sounds like a A+ MBA with no real understanding of technology at all.

  • AdamC

    They only THINK they are ahead…lol

    • You could say RIM’s thinking different


      • Thank you, Fellatio Caine.

        • Ha! 🙂 There’s a good joke in there, too; something RIM job something.

  • Danielsw

    This guy is proving my initial thoughts correct from when the iPhone first came out.

    The concept of the close integration of desktop Macs and the iPhone via OS X struck me as sheer genius. Here was a totally new phone with a touchscreen interface that was so intuitive and familiar that my wife didn’t have to have me show her how to work it. Syncing email and contacts, and later, the installation and operation of phone apps were all very easy.

    The ecosystem that Apple had established even at the early stages of the iPhone, now years ago, was so formidable that I wondered how any competitor could possibly catch up.

    And now all this yap yap from RIM’s head honcho proves that he’s just another talking head suit with no clue who has absolutely nothing on Steve Jobs, nor what they’re up against if they expect to have any impact on the Apple-created tablet market at all.

  • Knute

    RIM RIP.

  • Anonymous

    RIM’s Playbook is will ahead of the iPad on the road to obsolescence and nonexistence. In fact, it is so far ahead of the iPad, it doesn’t even exist yet.

    Merry Christmas!!!!! Ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho to RIM!

  • Mike

    Wow this guy still has a job? Sounds like we are back to just before the dot com bust. I was a crack berry all the way, but left it when the iPhone got active sync with exchange. They had the lead and have do e nothing over the past 10 years! The browser on there pho es still suck. Comeon RIM board fire this idiot!

    Like others said – I love this vaporware!

  • Mark Hernandez

    I’m always amazed at the HUGE DISCONNECT between 1) statements the CEOs make, and 2) the people listening to them, who are ALL smart intelligent people who can read, analyze and are motivated to understand their own marketplace in great detail.

    It’s like they’re politicians making statements to an audience with limited critical thinking skills, or don’t have the time or where-with-all to fact-check, listening to fragmented sound bites heard on TV from over in the kitchen.

    Who do the CEOs think is listening to the comments they make?

  • Ron

    Jee, he really “thinks” a lot 😉