∞ Mac App Store launching in January 2011

Despite published reports to the contrary, Apple’s Mac App Store will launch in January 2011.

[ad#Google Adsense 300×250 in story]Reports earlier this week claimed Apple would launch the Mac App Store on December 13, ahead of the holiday shopping season. However, according to my sources, Apple will launch the store in the new year.

While a specific date was not given for the official opening of the store by my sources, Apple will meet the 90-day deadline given during its October “Back to the Mac” media event.

Given the date of the media event and Apple CEO Steve Jobs’ commitment to launch the store within 90-days, we should see the Mac App Store sometime on or before the third week of January.

The Mac App Store will have many of the same features that iOS device users have grown accustomed to since the App Store’s debut, such as one-click downloads, the ability to acquire free or paid software apps, a 70/30 percent revenue split (in the favor of developers), automatic install, automatic updates, and a license that will cover all of your personal Macs.

  • CJ

    I love that MacRumors is using the Loops story as a source on their front page….Go Jim!

  • CJ

    I love that the MacRumors site is using The Loop as their source on the front page….go Jim!

  • Thanks for the heads-up Jim.

    I’m pretty excited for the Mac App Store, but there’s one thing that I’d really like to know: Will there be some a way to transfer licences bought before the inception of the App Store, for applications that are available from the App Store?

    I have a couple of licences for software titles, that I am sure will be present in the App Store sooner or later and I’d love to transfer those to Apple’s system to take advantage of the update functionality, the easy installation on other machines and the potentially painless reinstallation-process should I have to do a clean reinstall of Mac OS X.

    I want to believe Apple has thought of something like this, even if it means paying some extra money for the transfer, similar to the iTunes Plus deal.

    • Anonymous

      My guess is this won’t happen in the first release of the MAS, and might never happen. It’s complicated, rife with issues, and might go against the wishes of bigger developers.

      • Help me out here, I don’t see why bigger devs would be opposed to that? And what are the potential issues? I get that once in the MAS, you’d probably have to stay inside this ecosystem and the devs would loose a way to directly contact you, but there are upsides to it, too (see above).

  • @app store

    … Heard some Devs whinging about this on the MacBreak weekly podcast the other day… about how you’re ‘giving Apple 30%’ and you’re not getting a customer list.

    Guys, you’re selling bits online, no stocking fee, no markup, nothing. Remember the days of retail software? Selling bits in a box? 30% is very decent!

    • John

      There is plenty of software out there that has in app registration. I know that it is optional and not everyone registers, but it would get them some information.

      What was the reason behind the need for a customer list?

      • IIRC Apple imposes some kind of rule that when a customer has registered the application through the app store, the dev is not allowed to venture outside the ecosystem to get personal data.

        Why would you want a customer list? Targeted advertising. You want to tell your customers if you have something new for them in stock. That could prevent getting lost amidst the riff-raff that’s going to inevitably build-up in the MAS over time.

  • Anonymous

    My Grandma could of told you that App store is going to be launched in January. What part of 90 days month ago didn’t you hear about Apple Web Store, Steve saying at iTunes Event?

    Let me guess, you were tweeting 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Well taht makes a lot of sense when you think about it.