∞ PC World shows desperation in anti-Apple article

There are quite a few silly articles written about Apple. Most, I leave alone, but some are so bad, they deserve a response. PC World has one of those articles today.

[ad#Google Adsense 300×250 in story] With a headline “Apple Is Getting Desperate in the Mobile Arena” PC World shows a complete lack of understanding of Apple, its tactics and it would seem, the mobile space.

Let’s take a closer look at the article and the assertions that are made about Apple and Google.

Here is what PC World started its argument with:

First is the company’s increasingly litigious attitude toward its competitors, fueling a hiring frenzy to beef up its legal team.

A “hiring frenzy” would seem to indicate that Apple all of a sudden found itself in a pile of crap that it didn’t know how to get out of. A bit of research would have shown that Apple has been suing companies for infringing its patents for many years. Apple is also the target of many lawsuits that it must defend itself.

There doesn’t appear to be an increase in the amount of lawsuits it’s filing, considering how large the company has grown in recent years. Remember the iMac copycats? Yeah, Apple sued them too.

Apple has a larger market cap than Microsoft and $20 billion in quarterly revenue. Is it really unreasonable that they would hire lawyers when patent infringement suits are on the horizon? No it’s not.

Then there’s the fact that Apple recently decided to ban an Android-focused magazine app from its App Store.

Seriously? That’s the best you’ve got? It’s Apple’s App Store, they can do what they want. If the publisher doesn’t like it, move on and focus on his other digital magazines.

It’s not like Apple is forcing him to publish for the iPhone and then denying him access.

Put it all together, and it’s clear Apple is more worried than ever about Android’s growing popularity.

Put all what together? They hired some lawyers and denied an app dedicated to Android customers? That’s what makes Apple desperate?

I hardly know what to say to that.

Of course, that fear is understandable. Android accounted for 25.5 percent of worldwide smartphone sales in the third quarter of 2010, according to a recent Gartner report…

First of all, you haven’t shown any fear from Apple.

Those are good numbers for Google, congratulations. I’m willing to bet that if Apple gave 2-for-1 sales of their devices like carriers are doing with Android, that its numbers would be better too.

You also have to remember that Apple’s iOS is from one manufacturer while Google has many manufacturers packaging its operating system.

I believe Apple’s iPhone is rapidly becoming a niche device. Its restrictions are too numerous, its approach too condescending, and its choices too few to have the broad appeal it needs to succeed on a grander scale in the long run.In short, Apple may always have its share of fans among consumers who don’t mind living in its “walled garden,” but there’s no way it can compete in the market as a whole with the diverse, compelling and powerful platform that is Android.

I actually laughed out loud when I read that. Really, I did.

In its fourth quarter earnings released in October, Apple reported selling 14.1 million iPhones in the quarter, representing 91 percent unit growth over the year-ago quarter.

That was 91 percent GROWTH. Clearly, the iPhone isn’t selling very well at all. Most definitely becoming a niche device, right?

Apple is not just competing in the mobile space, it is defining the mobile market. The App Store, touchscreen, multitouch and smartphone design are being led by Apple. The company is innovating, the competitors are following.

  • Apple’s not scared of Android in terms of sales, that’s like saying Apple is scared of Microsoft. I think they do fear developer migration away from iOS a bit, but not in general. Apple have nothing to fear until the iPhone isn’t the number one sold phone in the US. At the present, there is no indications of that stat changing – Android is growing through lots of small-hit handsets, not one major winner.

  • Michael Adams

    Are they working on the “Apple is Dying” article yet?

  • Len

    You actually sound very desperate to defend Apple. You sound like a little boy who’s favourite TV show just got insulted… I would say that Apple should be worried. To not be worried would be stupid. If the situation was reversed and Google was doing what Apple was doing, you would probably call them out as being desperate. It goes both ways.

    • Anonymous

      Please explain how valid, factual rebuttals of just some of the nonsense in that article counts as desperation? Please explain how the PC World article can justify the repeated accusations and inference of fear on Apple’s part, when the article itself demonstrated no such thing? Go have a lie down and a think. I’ll wait.

      • Peter

        Okay, I’ll bring up some points.

        “It’s Apple’s App Store, they can do what they want.”

        This is the standard fall back. “It’s Apple’s Store.” I’d actually agree with it, if there were other App Stores available. Since there aren’t, it’s more of Apple “controlling” the platform. You can make the argument that this is a good thing–malware, etc.–and I’d even agree with you. But, basically, what Apple is saying in this case is they don’t want people reading about other platforms. That shows fear.

        There’s a demonstration of fear right there. How else would you justify it other than “It’s Apple’s Store and they can do what they want”?

        “I’m willing to bet that if Apple gave 2-for-1 sales of their devices like carriers are doing with Android, that its numbers would be better too. You also have to remember that Apple’s iOS is from one manufacturer while Google has many manufacturers packaging its operating system.”

        First, regarding the 2-for-1 thing, let’s hear the whine: “It’s nooot faaaayyyer!”

        If the question is how many devices are out there, it doesn’t matter if they’re being given away or not. If I’m a developer, I want to put my software on an operating system that lots of people have. I don’t really care how much they paid for that operating system. If I’m a customer, I want to make sure that the hot app du jour will work on the operating system I bought.

        Also, I notice that when Apple was kicking Windows Mobile butt, you never heard how unfair this comparison was. But when Apple is losing to Android, well, it’s not a fair comparison.

        “Apple reported selling 14.1 million iPhones in the quarter, representing 91 percent unit growth over the year-ago quarter. That was 91 percent GROWTH.”

        If you want to bandy about year-over-year percentages, Android phone growth was 886% in the second quarter of 2010. That’s almost 10x Apple’s growth.

        But as a wise man once said, twice nothing is still nothing. Which means we look at units shipped. Android phone shipments hit 25.5 million–80% more than the iPhone.

        Oh, and before you go and whine about how it’s not fair because, in North America, Apple is tied to AT&T, well, who’s fault is that? Apple made that deal. They screwed up. You show up to a fight with one arm tied behind your back and then complain because you lose? Cry me a river…

        Let’s see…what else can you pull out. Oh yeah! Revenue! Apple makes more money off of iPhones than Google makes selling Android! I know whenever I go to buy something, I buy from whoever makes the most money off of me…

        Can you come up with anything new and original?

  • Siegling

    Definitely in the vein of Enderlee & Reisinger & Dvorak – link bait. Does the author also have a history of Apple FUD?

  • Anonymous

    I’m not surprised- PC World has been desperate for quite a while. I canceled my subscription and never got the money refunded. After several e-mails, I gave up- life is too short. I resent clicking on an article on Macworld’s site and finding myself face to face with some anti-Apple, pro-Android crap from their “sister” site.


  • Gjgustav

    I refuse to read the original article because I don’t want to give them the click they obviously are searching for.

    • Jd_1

      Like he said!

  • Android is not competition to iOS. Steve Jobs has said words to the effect that he never regarded Microsoft as rivals, per se. I believe him, and I agree. There are more Windows users, and there may well be more Android users eventually. Why should I care? I’ve used Windows a handful of times in my life. It doesn’t compel me. I’ve used Android a handful of times in my life. Again, not compelling to me. Maybe it’s because I like a hassle-free, curated, “walled garden” environment. I’m a UI designer by trade, so the details matter to me. And to me, Android and Windows superficially ape Apple’s UIs, but there’s no there there.

    My opinion. You shouldn’t care. There’s room for all.

  • It’s quite simple. The author, Katherine something, is desperate for some clicks so she writes about Apple. She’s afraid of losing her job since no one really wants to read about the shrinking commoditized uninnovative PC market.

  • Another thing to mention is how “walled garden” has become the phrase-du-jour for people out to bash Apple and its products. (Perhaps this would make a good topic for an upcoming article 😉

    Personally, I’d rather live happily in a beautiful, and enjoyable “walled garden”, than to be stuck outside the walls living in a harsh and unfriendly jungle, while peering over the wall jealously at those people in the garden!

  • L. Williams

    “Walled garden” is the latest negative buzzword that is thrown around by Apple-bashing authors. Back 7-10 years ago, the word was “beleaguered” and ALL the anti-Mac authors loved to use it several times in each article. These negative b’words are akin to racial slurrs (i.e. “raghead” for any person who wears a turban, “camel jockey” for middle eastern countries, etc.). They’re purposely thrown as barbs designed to wound, often without any understanding of what the term really connotes.

    I’m a user of Apple products because I find their approach to design, functionality and usability a superior experience to other products out there. Should I find a better approach, I’d probably switch to it, whether it’s a computer, phone, tablet or other productivity/entertainment device. But–I haven’t found anything to rival Apple’s amazing engineering!

    “Walled garden” is used in an attempt to evoke a common fear of being trapped, controlled and enslaved. For people who haven’t experienced Apple products for themselves, this can be a powerful message that can dissuade them from even approaching Apple products for fear of being tricked, lied to, trapped, etc. Playing on emotional fears is a PR trick that has nothing to do with logic, observation or personal choice, and it’s been used by politicians and other unscrupulous characters for centuries to sway opinion. Generate fear and the public will run away or attack.

    Pay no attention to the buzzwords. Observe for yourself and make up your own mind, regardless of the subject. Don’t let the PR drones control your emotions. What YOU like is what’s important.

    • Gelossol

      Very well said. I often like to point out the difference between persuasion and manipulation – the first presents evidence from different scenarios for the benefit of the one being persuaded; the second presenting a single approach for the benefit of the manipulator.

  • Rlgauthier

    Think most people would happily take the PROFITS Apple makes regardless of share size, that is what counts, not made up metrics.

  • jaydot

    In a competitive market like US and globally, there are many segments of markets we could talk about. If the editor wish to comment some ‘bad thing’ on Apple and said Apple has to be worried, I don’t think so. Apple ever since the come back of Steve with the iMac has been looking into its own segment market and has never been its intention to be number 1 (I think so) in the markets but only wish to produce the number 1 product for its own segment market of customers. Looks like more of its previous customers and new customers knew what is the best for them. Most of them I believe likes Apple products because it was always been Apple Way to produce the best for its customers and ‘fans’. If it is not good one, its customers just stop buying it. With the directions Apple is taking on its iPad, iPhone and touch screen experiences, all other products are just trying to catch up not more than that. Catching up to get more in the markets but not to be the best in its own segments.

  • AppleEater

    I couldnt agree with you more….Apple’s competitors are ALL playing catch up and are just copying everything AAPL is doing. Itssurprising that Apple is not suing more firms (ie: HP for its Envy laptop which is a rip off of the MacBook Pro,,,and Samsung for the Galaxy Tab which is a rip off of the iPad) !!!

    • The Real Worls

      What a bunch of Apple fanboys. You just love being your safe little world where you’re told what you’re allowed to do. Try living a little and use a phone or computer platform that lets the user decide what they want to do. Break away from the dumbed down Apple UI and learn how to use a computer.