∞ The Beatles arrive on iTunes

As expected, Apple on Tuesday released the Beatles catalog on iTunes, which includes album, song and videos.

[ad#Google Adsense 300×250 in story]The catalog has 17 albums including the band’s 13 studio albums like “Rubber Soul,” “Magical Mystery Tour,” “White Album,” and “A Hard Days Night.” Also on iTunes is the Beatles box set that comes with all of the studio albums, as well as the Past Masters collection.

For the true Beatles fans, there are a few extras too. Videos like “Live at the Washington Coliseum, 1964” gives you the opportunity to see the Beatles first concert in the U.S. “The Beatles Highlight Reel” is a visual and audio tour of the band’s entire career.

The albums are priced from $12.99 to $19.99 with the box set selling for $149.00. Individual songs are selling for $1.29.

  • CP

    Brilliant marketing.

    The holidays are upon us. How do you get people to check out your store over the other possibilities? An international ad blitz featuring the most recognizable band in the world. A band that is still popular for a new demographic, especially after the release of Beatles RockBand.

    Even if iTMS doesn’t sell millions of Beatles tracks, the buzz from this will generate traffic to the store that will generate sales of other artists. This deal was probably inked months ago, but the announcement was timed for maximum exposure in peak season.

    Apple nerds might be disappointed, but it isn’t about us. Not directly anyway.

  • WooDz

    Whoopy fricken do. Wanna know how relevant the Beatles are today? I’m a mobile DJ and I’ve played the beatles just 2 times this year. “Get back” and “Come together” Want to know how many times I played “Satisfaction”? Over 20 times.

    This isn’t mind blowing news, it’s a load of hot air. Beatles fans already own the stuff. And for the people I call “Music Junkies” they’ve probably already downloaded all the albums from some illegal site and not even played them. Yeah that’s not a typo I meant played. I’m not implying that the Beatles were not a good band, award after award on virtually every release, each one rightly deserved for sculpting the evolution of music. However; with just only 2 of the band members around now, who stopped working together nigh on 40 years ago, I’d go as far to suggest they have slowly paled into insignificance. “Eleanor Rigby” is a fantastic song but even “nights in white satin” gets a better reception.

    Alas; I’m sure if not thousands, then millions of people have opened their iTunes today and that’s a commendable feat; probably more so than the music that’s become available. The Beatles actually had something new and exciting, iTunes has created a load of intrigue over what is essentially nothing new.

    • CP

      Insignificance? Is there any musical group or artist more globally recognizable than the Beatles? Show a picture of Charlie Watts. How many people have any idea who he is? Show a picture of Ringo Starr. How many could identify him?

      Also, the Beatles were the #2 selling artists of the previous decade (2000-2009) in the United States following only Eminem. I would bet that they beat Eminem globally, but I don’t have the data.

      I’m not sure how that is insignificant.

    • If you’re a DJ and you’ve only played the Beatles twice in a year it says more about you than the Beatles.

      • WooDz

        Steven – Yeah it probably does say more about me as a DJ than the Beatles. I don’t naturally think of the Beatles when playing. If we were to look at a crowd would would want to hear something from 1965 for example, I’d more likely play “Satisfaction”, “I’ve got you Babe” or “Like a rolling stone” instead of “Ticket to ride”. Great song but just doesn’t work the crowd in the same way the other 3 do. Really; ask yourselves how often do you hear the Beatles played on the radio in general these days.

        According to Yahoo UK, the top 3 selling artists of 2009 were Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga and Kings of Leon

        CP – Although the Beatles are the top selling artists of all time with a 246 Million certified sales from 12 top selling countries. The last time the Beatles were in the Billboard top 10 selling albums was back in 2001 with One. I’m not sure what reference you used but here’s my link


        Quote – Name a group or artist more globally recognizable the Beatles –

        Answer: Michael Jackson.

        • CP

          Here you go.


          What is even more impressive is that this figure is based on only 2 new albums being released during that decade (1 and Love), both of which were just repackaging previously released and otherwise available material. I’m not sure how you can debate with this data.

          • WooDz

            Maybe I’m just too opinionated. I haven’t gone against any factual evidence that the Beatles have sold a lot of records. The question has to asked are people still buying their records today? There isn’t anything new to offer just to regurgitate what they have. An album is released, there’s a surge in sales and then nothing. I guess the bottom line is, 11 Million sales in one week is no different to the same amount over a 5 year period in terms of revenue, which lets face it is what all this is about. The largest global digital media site now has the Beatles on their books and Apple are going to market the hell out of it to make sure they have the best chance in getting a huge influx of sales over the next year.

            I believe there’s a saying “Mutton dressed as lamb” I think many will take a bite anyway even though they could quite easily walk into any store and buy a real CD at clearance prices far cheaper than the 13€ offered on iTunes.