∞ Atomic Tom turns to iPhones to replace stolen instruments

New York based rockers Atomic Tom were the victims of theft that left the band without instruments. Thanks to the iPhone, they were still able to perform.

The band performed on the New York City subway, each sporting an iPhone instead of a traditional instrument. There is a piano, vocals, bass, drums and guitar — a masterpiece if I ever saw one.

  • Very impressive. If they can turn that setback into huge publicity then good for them!

  • Tim

    This is a publicity stunt, probably for Apple and the band. Several things wrong:

    1. Shot from multiple angles with different cameras, but the sound quality never changes from angle to angle, so the sound probably isn’t “live”.
    2. If it is live, each of those phones is connected to something with a wire. That is either an amplifier and/or a mixer. Who carry’s those on a train? Plus…their equipment was supposedly “stolen” which is the story behind this impromptu song.
    3. It takes a great deal of practice to master playing iPhone instruments to this degree. This was supposedly an “impromptu” thing. NO WAY, they didn’t practice that if they actually did it “live”.
    4. Anyone who has an iPhone, knows that the sound volume would be drowned out by the noisy train riding the tracks, so it’s clearly overdubbed or amplified.

    I think it’s a decent song, but nothing more than a viral video attempt.

    • Jer

      Looks totally do-able to me. They are playing one of our apps (iShred, electric guitar) and that looks and sounds about right.

  • Vivian

    To start… there were 4 i phones used to tape this… another i phone used for audio and the 4 i phones that the band played. They were each hooked up to speakers .. it was live. I was there, nothing was changed…

  • Eric

    Very impressive. SNL should have them on with their phones.

  • Jackie B

    AWESOME job guys! Thanks for sharing a great idea full of ingenuity! Rock on Atomic Tom.

  • Sina

    Sure It’s a publicity stunt , But a good one…

  • qofe

    Some people will believe anything. Definitely a publicity stunt — no way to get that sound quality out of the iPhone (and I have one). As Tim pointed out, multiple camera angles and movement but the sound levels don’t change. No way it was loud enough to drown out the subway. It was remixed in a studio. It’s called post production. Period.

    • Gustav

      Why would the sound levels change? When editing the video afterwards, why wouldn’t you just use the sound from one video camera, while switching only the video tracks? You don’t have to switch audio when switching video.

  • Chuck

    They played 4 Ipones, the sound was pumped through a mixer and an amp, but the instruments were the iphones. The editing was done on an iphone3 as well…so while a publicity stunt it not only was creative, but it worked!