∞ Apple will discontinue .Mac HomePage viewing Nov. 8

Apple sent a note to its MobileMe members on Friday letting them know that people will not be able to view web pages published using its old .Mac service.

[ad#Google Adsense 300×250 in story]According to the information from Apple, as of November 8, they will discontinue “online viewing of photos, movies, and files shared using .Mac HomePage.” None of the content will be deleted — you can find it on your MobileMe iDisk.

You can always republish your content using the newer MobileMe publishing tools like Gallery.

Apple said that content published with iWeb, the company’s Web publishing tool and part of its iLife suite, will not be affected by the change.

Apple first notified customers of the change over a year ago when it decided to discontinue services like HomePage and Groups.

  • Daniel Swanson

    Fair enough. Time to move on.

    We’ve been happy with MobileMe, using it for sending larger files, galleries, and syncing address books and calendars between computers and iPhones.

  • Bob

    This is another step backward. Sites and photos display on the gallery are very simple and amateurish. Apple keeps removing features from mobile me that have been very useful to people who really use the service.This dumbing down process is very disappointing and a bad trend.Apple should be adding features and increasing flexibility for it’s users not diminishing them. Imagine paying for a service to host pictures and being forced to go to a free competitor with all the hassle involved with maintaining your site…ridiculous.

  • Helen RW

    This is the end. I’ve been migrating to other services all year. I bought a couple of portable hard drives to safely manage the file transfers. When my subscription expires, I’ll be set for better service at lower cost.

    I had very high hopes for .mac. This was the perfect idea for Apple to create an integrated web experience. I love the idea of uploading files by dropping them into Finder folders. Sadly, it never happened. The service was always expensive, always scrambling features, and never worked reliably.

    When they switched from .Mac to MobilMe, they deleted an entire month of my uploaded images while I was traveling. I watched my posts die in a hotel room and my head exploded.

    I need hot linking, and the security of off-site backup. I want to pay for reliable service. Apple refused to deliver. I can’t bear to be stupid about this any longer. After 6 years—goodbye.

  • Jim

    This isn’t the end of the world but it doesn’t make me happy. I have homepage mac pages integrated into other sites and now I have recode everything. They should have come up with a system to help us migrate the pages. Yes, they can do whatever they want. Yes, the current service is OK, but I don’t see why they just nuke what you have. It isn’t what I expect from Apple

    • Gustav

      Aren’t you confusing HomePage with iWeb? It was very difficult to integrate anything with Apple’s old HomePage tool.

      iWeb is not going away. It’s only HomePage publishing.

  • jens holm

    ok, fair enough homepages are out.

    but with all the skilled people at apple it would have been trivially simple to offer us a way, a script, or an option, to translate the homepage photo albums to a mobile me gallery. anyone who still has active homepage.mac.com pages online has paid an expensive subscription to maintain them for at least two years (in my case 5 years). to unilaterally yank them down with no option to salvaging (at least none that is easy to use) is poor service.

    i will consider leaving mobileme now, finally.

    — jens holm

  • satcomer

    Well this this end for me also with MobileMe. Apple has pulled the rug under me for their iTools, .Mac,MobileMe changes and the high price. It is easier today to do syncing, web hosting, etc. for cheaper now.

    • Gustav

      Pulled the rug out? Are you one of those who believed Jobs promised iTools free for life. He didn’t. And how is the “high” price pulling the rug out? It was always $99 per year.

      I’m happy with MobileMe. For $8.25 per month, I get sync, hosting (Apple’s still hosting for you, just not with the old HomePage tool), email, and integration with desktop software.

      Where else can I get that without using more than $8.25 per month worth of my time (which I don’t have) to maintain, and where the data stored there isn’t used to target advertising to me?

  • I ditched the service when mobile.me rolled out and broke my gmail integration, so maybe I can be dispassionate about what’s about to happen.

    There’s no Apple magic to web hosting any more. Any one can do it and make it work swell with OS X. This part of the world doesn’t “need” Apple and isn’t willing to pay a premium just for the name. It’s yesterday’s business and Cupertino is moving on.

  • John

    Thanks for the promises, Apple!

    From the MobileMe .Mac Homepage FAQ from July 15, 2009:

    “Can friends and family still view my published pages after July 7, 2009?

    Yes, any sites you have created with HomePage will remain viewable at their existing web address unless you delete them, for as long as you are an active MobileMe member.”

    The provision of remaining an active MobileMe member means that the customer was continuing to pay an annual $99 fee to Apple. This is not like old Yahoo or GeoCities or even AOL services that were free. We are still agreeing to pay.

    I don’t have a lot of files at Homepage, so this will not inconvenience me much, but a company should not break its word to its customers.

  • Gustav

    I really get the idea here that the complainers are confusing iWeb published pages with HomePage. I never see any HomePage published pages anymore, because iWeb comes with your Mac and results in much better looking pages. What does HomePage provide that iWeb doesn’t?

    iWeb is not going away, people. Just HomePage.