∞ Amazon book listing gives possible details of iLife '11

A new book listing on Amazon’s German website gives a few details of what we could see in the next version of Apple’s iLife suite of consumer applications. [ad#Google Adsense 300×250 in story]According to the description on the book’s page, originally noticed by 9to5mac.com, iLife ’11 will be 64-bit and will integrate iPhoto more closely with social networks. It also says that Apple will drop iDVD from the suite of apps.

iWeb, Apple’s website building app for consumers will be “completely rewritten” and a new unnamed application will make its debut with the new version.

The book, which is called “iLife 11: Digital pictures, movies, music and more” is scheduled for a December 2010 release, which would mean iLife would have to be released before that.

Of course, a listing from Amazon doesn’t necessarily mean that Apple is ready to launch a new product.

The current version of iLife includes iPhoto, iMovie, GarageBand, iWeb, and iDVD.

  • Daniel Swanson

    Ever since Adobe dropped GoLive from its lineup (really miss those Smart Images), and since I was rather put off by Dreamweaver’s clunky and complicated UI, I thought I’d try iWeb for my portfolio site.

    It’s easy to use and adequate for my needs. Easy to update my site, too.

    I hope there’s a conversion utility to the new product.

  • Vamsmack

    I shall call shenanigans on this rumour!

    Where would the writer be getting their information from? If they’re writing a book on iLife 2011 wouldn’t they first have to have access to the product?

    Also I read that the new version of iLife will have Unicorn support for the upcoming iPad 2 : Attack Of The Clones. The new iPad comes with a unicorn A4 chip built in which does all of it’s processing for it and powers the 40 mega pixel still camera and 4K HD front facing video camera so people can use Skype on an IMAX screen using one of the 3 HDMI ports.

  • Lucas

    Although I doubt the details are 100% accurate, I do suspect that ilife will get an upgrade in the near future. With a release in the next few weeks it might encourage Mac sales for the holidays.

    Plus the store has been down for a good couple of hours and since Wednesday seems to be the new ‘new release’ day, I can’t help but wonder if this is more than maintenance and perhaps a new ilife, iwork, pro apps could be happening now