∞ Gibson releases 3 acoustic guitars to celebrate John Lennon's birthday

On October 9, 2010, John Lennon would have been 70 years old. To celebrate the occasion, Gibson partnered with Yoko Ono to release three new acoustic guitars. Made by the luthiers at Gibson’s Montana acoustic guitar facility, the Lennon guitars represent three periods of the musicians life and career.

The first guitar is a Vintage Sunburst that Lennon used in 1963 and 1964 to record “Please Please Me,” “With The Beatles” and “A Hard Day’s Night.” Lennon couldn’t afford to buy the original guitar and had to get a loan from Beatles manager Brian Epstein. I’m glad he did.

The John Lennon J-160VS includes a 70th Anniversary John Lennon MOP signature on the headstock, a 1960’s laminated Sitka Spruce Top, mahogany back and sides, the classic vintage Sunburst lacquer finish, Jumbo 1960’s Frets, Gibson P-90 pickups, an historic adjustable bridge and a 70th Anniversary MOP engraved 12th Fret birthdate of John Lennon. Gibson is making 500 of these guitars and it will sell for $4,728.

The John Lennon “Imagine” guitar was requested by Yoko “to reflect the sentiment of John’s life and music during the recording of Imagine.” This white model includes an anniversary John Lennon Abalone headstock signature, 70th Anniversary MOP engraved 12th fret birthdate of Lennon, 1960s laminated Sitka Spruce top, historic Gibson Ladder bracing pattern, Mahogany back and sides, Jumbo 1960’s Frets, historic adjustable bridge, Gibson authentic P-90 pickups and a custom hardshell case.

The third model has a natural finish and has Lennon’s famous “John and Yoko” caricature sketches, representing the appearance of the guitar during the famous Lennon-Ono “Bed-In” peace protests of 1969. The original model is on display at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland.

The Gibson Acoustic Lennon Museum J-160E model includes a Gibson Custom Shop Label Personally Signed by Yoko Ono, Authentic Recreation of John Lennon’s Bed‐In Caricature Sketch, 70th Anniversary John Lennon MOP Headstock Signature, 70th Anniversary MOP Engraved 12th Fret Birth Date of John Lennon, Label Personally Signed by Yoko Ono, 1960’s Laminated Sitka Spruce Top, Historic Gibson Ladder bracing Pattern, Mahogany Back & Sides, Custom Thin Lacquer Finish, Jumbo 1960’s Frets, Historic Adjustable Bridge, Gibson Authentic P‐90 Pickup and a Gibson Custom Shop Hardshell case.

The Imagine and Museum guitars are limited to 70 guitars each — one for each year since Lennon’s birth. The Imagine guitar will sell for $10,748 and the Museum guitar will sell for $15,048.

“To say how proud I am of these new John Lennon Anniversary guitars is a huge understatement,” said Henry Juszkiewicz Chairman and CEO of Gibson Guitar. “The legacy that John Lennon has given music fans around the world is unprecedented and the friendship Gibson continues with Yoko Ono is demonstrated in these remarkable instruments that are in tribute to arguably one of the world’s greatest musicians.”

  • Because nothing says “I appreciate the life and work of John Lennon” like trading on his legacy to market a $10k-15k guitar.

    • Yeah, I like the idea of commemorating John Lennon, but I think these may make it even harder to imagine no possessions.

      I think a good thing to do for John’s birthday would be to watch “The U.S. vs John Lennon”. It is a sad reminder not just of what we’ve lost, but also of how dedicated he was to promoting peace in our world.

  • JD

    I can’t help but reflect on just how much music would he have written & performed over these last 30 years as we near December 8th of this year. The loss was felt of course the worst for his family & friends, but it was also true for people who loved his music.

    I know that I have missed him very much too!

  • Oliver

    Just IMAGINE if he had lived. Peace out everyone!

  • BH

    Leave to Yoko to find yet another way to sell out John Lennon.

  • Cristian Rodriguez

    Personally, I don’t like his music much. But I do stand for what he was trying to do. I liked him more as a person than as a musician. Yoko has only exploited his image. When my first kid was born, we purchased the John Lennon theme that Carters was selling at the time. They took the song imagine and used it along with some animal sketches he came up with to form a baby theme. At the time I though it was cool, but now I simply see one more way Yoko has attempted to maximize her profits from what Johns Legacy. You know none of this would have taken place if he would still be alive.

  • winston o boogie

    cant buy me love , cant buy me a 10-15 k guitar, thanks yoko!!!

  • macron

    Imagine Yoko without money.

  • Ali

    Dear Lennon and/or Beatles Fans, Face it, it’s a material world and what’s a widow supposed to do in it? Lennon really loved Yoko & so should we all – out of respect for him. So stop hating on her and blaming her in hindsight. That night he died, we all cried for Lennon; we mourned our loss; we feared for the other Beatles (I’ll never forget the image of Paul McCartney crying his eyes out while walking w/ Linda that night as a reporter jumped on him to ask “how do you feel?”); it changed NYC forever (I’m an ex-New Yorker so I would know); and we cried for Yoko and for Lennon’s sons Julian and Sean. I shuddered for Cynthia, John’s first wife – heck she writes a book or two about Lennon & no one gets mad at her – and why should we? So stop the double-standard on Yoko. Hold that memory of that terrible December night (if you were there like I was) nearer to your heart than the contempt you may currently feel about commemorations and objects by way of Yoko. So many people come up to her and ask to do these projects – it’s not just her. The whole world wants to remember John somehow and touch something that represents him – we can thank her for keeping his memory alive then. Yoko was independently wealthy before she met John; an independent female artist; she’s a descendant of Japanese royalty; if you were unaware of those things before – that’s how humble she’s been about her life. But her life is an open book if you take the time to read it and you’ll get why John fell in love w/ her; so respect that if you’re a true fan. Paul didn’t always like Yoko and he’s gotten over it – so why can’t you get over it? Grow up people – the world’s imperfect -& the people in it aren’t going to work the way you think they should. Live, LOVE & LEARN. That’s what Lennon did until his dying day. You all need to do the same if you think you are true admirers of the man. Dig it!