∞ Steve Jobs stopped at Japan airport for having Ninja throwing stars

Apple CEO Steve Jobs was reportedly stopped at Japan’s Kansai International Airport because a security scan detected weapons in his luggage. The weapons were Ninja throwing stars that Jobs was bringing back to the U.S. According to SPA Magazine, Jobs was returning home from a vacation in July when the incident happened. The magazine cited unnamed sources at the airport and transportation ministry for giving them the information.

Jobs reportedly said that it wouldn’t make sense to hijack his own plane, but airport officials threw the Ninja stars in the garbage.

Kansai airport spokesman, Takeshi Uno, confirmed that a passenger was stopped in July for trying to take the Ninja throwing stars on his private jet, but declined to confirm that it was Jobs.

  • JD

    So THAT’s why Jobs’ is always wearing black… He’s secretly been a Ninja all these years!

  • Eric

    Actually, it’s research for a new product that Apple is working on.



    That’s Jobs in the middle of the top photo.

    With iNinja, you kill your enemies with throwing stars that play an AAC file: the Carl Douglas song – “Kung Fu Fighting.”

    • Vamsmack

      You’re a rockstar for linking to realultimatepower.net I popped like 15 boners and while guitars wailed in the background when I saw that.

  • I thought I was reading a C.A.R.S. headline in my RSS reader this morning until I clicked the link.

    It is pretty ridiculous that he couldn’t take them onto his private plane.

  • Chark

    Clearly this is a fabricated story. Japanese are allowed to even take their samurai swords on board planes. Didn’t you see Kill Bill Volume 1?

    Besides, they were a gift for Larry Ellison…

  • AdamC

    Hahahaha – will bloomberg publish a story on Jobs’ fart – I wonder.

    Another slow news day.

  • Vamsmack

    I actually got a bit upset about this story I asked Uncle Steve for 3 things. Ninja Stars, Hookers & Blow. Clearly he got busted for the Ninja throwing stars but the hookers and blow he put in the cargo hold(that’s where Tim Cook rides) and when they landed the hooker was dead and there was no blow, Tim was naked and screaming about how he couldn’t feel his face though i’ll upload photos later….