∞ Apple to discontinue free iPhone Bumper Case program on Sept. 30

When Steve Jobs announced during a press conference in July that all iPhone 4 users would receive a free case, he set a deadline of September 30 to reevaluate the program. Apple has, and they will discontinue it. “We now know that the iPhone 4 antenna attenuation issue is even smaller than we originally thought,” the company said on its website on Friday. “A small percentage of iPhone 4 users need a case, and we want to continue providing them a Bumper case for free. For everyone else, we are discontinuing the free case program on all iPhone 4s sold after September 30, 2010.”

Apple also said it would return to its normal return policy for the iPhone 4 after September 30.

If you really think you have a problem iPhone, you still have the option of calling AppleCare and speaking with Apple directly.

Apple began the free case program in response to complaints over the iPhone 4 antenna and reports of the device losing signal strength. The cases seemed to stem the tide of complaints since Apple started giving them away.

  • Neal Pann

    So, after September 30th, if you still want a case, you’ll have to contact AppleCare to get a free one. Not a bad deal.

    • Jim Dalrymple

      Sort of. I get the impression that once it ends, it’s over. You’d have to make a pretty strong case to get anything after that.

  • Sam B

    So, how many cases did they give away? Article gives you half a story.

  • AJ

    I guess they want to stop before the Holiday shopping season starts! Why give away something for free when (most) people will buy a case on their own anyway.

  • Etic

    It’s not over. Did you read the statement? WTF is wrong with people. Does anyone finish school anymore? I got a free case and I’m glad but I lose 1 bar if I cover the area for a full minute. And it’s IMPOSSIBLE to cover it while talking on it or your wrist would be jammed in your jaw. It’s a non issue and they shouldn’t give cases away for free for no problem. But thanks to all the idiot bloggers from me for the free case.

  • ShuntR

    Why would anyone want to buy a phone with a known problem from a contemptuous manufacturer that only offers a bandaid solution? I would be satisfied with nothing less than the problem fixed or my money back, to accept anything else is madness.

    • Grwisher

      Madness or just being plain crazy. Which are you?

    • Lucas

      The issue is that you don’t understand the issue. Bars drop. So what? For 90% of the folks it happened to there was zero effect on their call quality because the two are not related.

      the number of folks with actual crappy reception is very small compared to percent that have acceptable to great reception just counting folks in the US. Take it worldwide and it really gets tiny. A good number of victims have even admitted that they have trouble no matter what phone they use. With hundreds of thousands more users, trouble spots decrease in quality

      this bandaid wasn’t for the ‘defect’ but for the PR caused by the blogs and such blowing the issue out of proportion. Now that they have continued sales like gangbusters and very few returns for receptions issues by comparison. Why continue to give everyone a few case just cause when you have shipping, staff to package them for shipping, fees to the 3rd party companies for their cases etc. Likely they will ship some bumpers as ‘service parts’ to the stores, particularly those in known crappy ATT areas and give them to those that come in for support and complain about their reception

  • Nathan

    I think Apple is the opposite of contemptuous. In my dealings with them, they appear to ge much more concerned about my satisfaction than any other company (not just technology company). From what I read, antenna attenuation was demonstrated on all cell phones tested, yet only Apple made an effort to rectify. If you still were not satisfied with that, you were welcome to return for a full refund, even past the normal return period. Apparently, millions of others will be happy to purchase your returned unit.

  • auramac

    Let’s see- “contemptuous Apple,” “Google is Evil (they are),” and of course, “The Dark Side”- Microsoft, of course. Let’s not forget that every politician alive is at war with you, me, or someone else and we’d all better take sides and **** in our pants before someone takes over.

    I live in the NE. What are the chances I Not despise one of the following 3 teams: Yanks, Mets, Red Sox. Zero, of course. Hell, most likely, I’m hating both of them.

    Oh, back to Apple- sure they’re contemptuous. They take something that’s been around but make it beyond successful- they make it great! Everyone else panics and copies them note for note, readying their..”KILLERS.” They’re gonna kill ya, you contemptuous, Socialist, you. Obama uses a Mac? he’s a socialist? Limbaugh does? Of course- Obama uses a Blackberry- all American, approved by Jesus.

    (I’m taking a sabbatical… while I save up for my new iPhone.)

  • Daniel Swanson

    @ShuntR No, what’s madness is the extreme level of superstition extant in the society in which the unwashed masses literally worship and bow down to and OBEY the great god, Blogg, Lord of Gossip and Uncertainty. They dwell on his every capricious word.

    Better that than see for themselves. Better that than to have the courage to simply buy and try a product for themselves and form their own opinions.

    Far better to dwell in the House of Maybe forever, AMEN!

  • Tom Savage

    Do you guys realize that you’re paying a company to invest time and money in technologies embedded in YOUR phone that prevents you from installing something as simple as an earlier version of the iOS. Once i realized the level of control apple wants over MY hardware that i paid for i took back the Iphone4 and am now using Android. Seriously if they want that type of control shouldn’t apple just rent the phone or better yet give it away and let the app store pay for it?

    • Dot

      Oh my, I just want a device that works and does all the things I want it to do, and that is why I so don’t care about everyone’s control issues.

      My cousin has a new Droid 2 and maybe she does know how to work it very well yet, but my 2 year old iPhone is faster than hers at bringing up web sites and we discovered some annoying glitches the Droid had while at DragonCon. It kept crashing/booting her out of the DragonCon schedule.

      • Mo Phizzle

        Funny, several apps on my iPhone now crash when I try to boot into them. Seems like every fanboi loves to claim that apple’s OS’s are pure and without flaw, and every hater wants to point out every fault.

        Lets face it, apple is very good at making pretty devices that work really well for people who don’t want to be involved directly with the hardware or software itself. There’s nothing wrong with that, and to do so you need a tightly controlled closed system. It is a bit fascist, but I think its proven by now that its also the only way to get grandma onto facebook. For people who want more control, you need a more open system, which is consequently prone to configuration errors etc. For that we have to varying degrees of openness provided by Windows, Android, and Linux.

        All operating systems crash. BSOD is no different and no more or less frequent on the large scale than the spinning disk in OSx. Ctrl+Alt+Del is pressed just as often as Force Quit. I have to reboot my iPhone on occasion just like I had to hard reboot my WinMo phone. And my MacBook Pro fell apart just like my Dell.

        Potatoes and Tomatoes.

        • Dot

          So…. is your point that she should put up with her Droid crashing because you put up with your devices crashing?

          • Dot

            Or maybe your point is that Droids aren’t for anyone except techies who know how to fix the problems and quirks? And iPhones are for the average consumer?