∞ Ping tops 1 million users in 48 hours

Apple on Friday said its new Ping service topped 1 million users after being available for only 48 hours. Eddy Cue, Apple’s vice president of Internet Services, said that one-third of the people that downloaded iTunes 10 have joined Ping.

Ping is Apple’s social networking service that is focused on music. It allows users to follow each other, recommend music, and follow artists. The service was announced during Apple’s annual music event on Wednesday.

You can join Ping by downloading iTunes 10 and activating the service.

  • 1 million users…And yet, Apple still can’t find more than three people for their “People We Recommend You Follow” section…

    • Vamsmack

      Get Real Shawn you know the only people worth following are Rick Rubin, Jason Bentley and Alexandra Patsavas. You should also understand that Yo-Yo Ma, Lady GaGa and Katy Perry are the only artists you should have in your library.

      Oh wait Soundgarden are there. Cool.

      • Frank

        There’s something sacrilegious about having Yo-Yo Ma’s name alongside Lady GaGa and Perry…

        • I think “Yo-Yo Ma” is “Lady GaGa” spelled sideways.

    • LOL! Agree

  • Nick

    This service has a LONG way to go but I’m hanging in there, hoping Apple can work it’s magic and create a place to simply talk about and share music ideas…